Beach Update: Small Pocket Beach Solution

While we are very grateful that the large pocket beach, where guests swim, is performing well under the intense fall storms, the small pocket beach (kayaks and SUPs usage area)  has not worked as planned. There is too much wave energy and not enough back-beach area for the waves to dissipate. Camp staff and board have worked with SmithGroup JJR, the system’s designer, on a solution to make the small pocket beach work more effectively. This fall or early in the spring the opening in the pocket beach will be made smaller by adding angled extensions to each side of the pocket beach leaving a 15-foot opening. The the back-beach area will be leveled to create a more gentle slope for incoming wave action. A rock revetment will be installed on the back-beach area and buried under sand. See the pictures and drawings below.

Here is a video of executive director Chip May describing the problem and caretaker, Joe Frederick, explaining the solution. 

A picture of the small pocket beach in September after a series of storms. Erosion exposed a dilapidated wooden sea wall and cement seawall.


A picture of the small pocket beach from the end of July.


A picture of the small pocket beach in June.


Small pocket beach solution.


Cross-section of small pocket beach solution.

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