Campfire Conversations is an opportunity to hear the kind of conversations you hear around the campfire with friends. It is so easy in our busy lives to forget what really matters. The campfire is a place where we make space to talk about things that count and to remember that we are made for more. Host Ryan Tinetti, pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Arcadia, MI, and Co-Host Chip May, Executive Director of Camp Arcadia have deep and not so deep conversations about our Christian faith and lives with the engaging and thoughtful leaders that come to Camp Arcadia each summer.

The Arcadiacast is where you can listen to lectures and sermons from Camp Arcadia. Twice a month these series are posted to the various providers for you to download free of charge. Many times we leave Camp Arcadia so excited and filled to the brim that we forget some of the things learned in the various sessions. This podcast is your option to remember the teachings from Camp on a daily basis. Our goal for Arcadiacast is to connect people with spiritual breakthrough that will lead to a strengthened relationship with Christ. Look for these to drop on the second and fourth full weeks of the month!