New Spirit of Arcadia Campaign Goal

At the November 2 Lutheran Camp Association board of director’s meeting, the board voted to raise the The Spirit of Arcadia campaign from $3.0 million to $3.7 million to accommodate the new projects. The new projects include an Inn ventilation system and an Inn east room addition that includes two universally accessible private bathrooms to the first floor woodside rooms and the enlargement of four second floor woodside rooms. Click here to learn more about the new projects. Prior to the addition of the new projects the cost of the projects was $3.2 million. To date $3.43 million has been pledged or donated (93%) and $2.25 million received (61%). [NOTE: both of these figures include $250,000 allocated from Camp savings.]

This leaves $270,000 to reach the SOA Campaign goal.  “Thank you to everyone that has participated in the SOA campaign. It is truly humbling to see the support of the Camp Arcadia family come through when we needed it the most,” said Paul Culler, SOA co-chair. If you are interested in pledging or donating to the Spirit of Arcadia Campaign, click here.

Watch this video of executive director, Chip May, announcing the new SOA campaign goal.

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