Women’s Retreats

What to Expect

Looking for a weekend to rest and be refreshed in the midst of the busy fall season? Camp Arcadia’s Women’s Retreats are just what you need!

Surrounded by women of the faith, step back from everyday living and be inspired by top-notch speakers and breakout session leaders. Find yourself with a little free time to journal by the lake or walk along the beach. Whether you come solo or with a group of friends, at Camp Arcadia, you’ll discover fun, fellowship, and relaxation as you delve into God’s Word.

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Women's Retreats

Face Time

In our crazy world of busyness and social media influences, we ache for a real connection with our Creator.  That is why the psalms are so helpful! David pours out his emotions to God in praise, complaints, requests, and gratitude. During our weekend together, we are going to study select verses of Psalm 27. We’ll tackle the topics of trusting the Lord in the midst of fear, seeking God in the midst of distractions, and waiting for the Lord in times of unanswered prayers. While keeping it real, we’ll apply the truths of God’s Word to gain insights and reassurances as we connect with Jesus and each other.

Karen Lippert is currently serving as the Director of Contemporary Music at Divine Redeemer in

Hartland, Wisconsin. Her career has included 5 years of full-time teaching in Lutheran schools, 10 years of part time teaching music, 20 years of being the Director of Women’s Ministry and over 30 years of leading women’s Bible studies.

Live Wise & Bold

As a foreigner living in a foreign land, Esther is chosen and equipped specifically for her context. Esther teaches us how to listen, speaking only eight times in all ten chapters, not just to God & His Word, but within our relationships. See God in the details as we apply Esther’s lessons to our own lives and receive the same marching orders as she did: live wise and bold!

In June 2021, Donna accepted early retirement after serving 30 years in corporate America’s legal field. She now devotes full-time to her writing, teaching, and speaking ministry through Artesian Ministries, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization committed to biblical literacy and knowing Jesus through His Word.

Registration is open!

We started accepting registrations starting December 1st.