New Projects Added to Spirit of Arcadia Campaign

At its November 2, 2018 meeting the Lutheran Camp Association(LCA) board of directors approved new projects to be added to the scope of the Spirit of Arcadia: Building for the Future – Stage One.

Driven by a desire to make the Camp Arcadia experience accessible to as many people as possible the LCA board approved a proposal to add two universally accessible private bathrooms to the first floor woodside rooms. These rooms will have a bathroom with a barrier-free shower and toilet. Also in the rooms: a sink, queen bed, bunk bed and a chair. To make room for the private bathrooms and to enlarge the other woodside rooms north of the Inn Lobby, there will be a ten-foot addition made to the east of the first and second floor. This will change four second floor rooms from four to six person rooms and add a bunk bed to two first floor rooms. 

“It is exciting to make Camp Arcadia more accessible now and not wait till Stage Two of the Spirit of Arcadia Campaign. This approach is less expensive and will be ready for the 2019 season,” commented Executive Director Chip May.

Other projects added to SOA Stage One include universally accessible push button doors to the Wigwam, Assembly and Inn North stairs, as well as an Inn ventilation system. The LCA board also decided to re-roof the Inn and add a ceiling mounted can light above Inn sinks and two additional electrical outlets to the each room, using funds reserved for capital improvements, not Spirit of Arcadia dedicated funds. All of these projects are planned to be done by the start of the 2019 season.

Spirit of Arcadia: Building for the Future – Stage Two

Now that Stage One includes two aspects of Stage Two — more accessible rooms with private bathrooms and larger family rooms — the LCA board is working with staff to reexamine the scope of Stage Two. Stage Two, to clarify, included a south addition to the Inn to address the following:

  • Elevator
  • Dining room space
  • Inn Lobby
  • More rooms with private bathroom
  • Universally accessible rooms with private bathrooms
  • Rooms for larger families
  • A third floor observation room

Current conversation revolves around decreasing the size of the addition so it does not block the view at the turnaround, but still achieves key goals of additional rooms with private baths, an elevator for 2nd floor access, and additional dining room space. The board and staff will continue to review Stage Two over the next year.

Click here to learn about more about the Spirit of Arcadia Campaign.

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