Men’s Retreats

What to Expect

Camp Arcadia offers two different men’s retreats each season: the Lutheran Laymen League (LLL) Men’s Retreat and the Arcadia Men’s Retreat. The LLL Retreat is open to non-church workers only, while the Arcadia Men’s Retreat is open to all. Check out the sample schedules attached below for an idea of the flow of each weekend.

Men's Retreats

Praise Him, Praise Him! Jesus, Our Blessed Redeemer

Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray, Jr. will lead us through study of Psalm 146.

Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray is the Director of LCMS Black Ministry, the long-established LCMS ministry serving predominantly black communities and ministering to African immigrants.

Christ Camouflaged: Searching for Jesus in Joseph’s Struggles

Hidden in the life of Joseph, with his series of mini-deaths that lead to the ultimate “resurrection” to Pharaoh’s right hand, is the message of who Christ is. We will explore the man and his struggles, unearth what this teaches us about Jesus, and apply these truths to our own lives.

Chad Bird is a Scholar in Residence at 1517. He is the author of the Christ Key and co-host of the podcast “40 Minutes in the Old Testament.”

Registration is open!

We started accepting registrations starting December 1st.