The Lutheran Camp Association

The Lutheran Camp Association (LCA) is the group of over 1,000 families, women, and men who own and operate Camp Arcadia. This group of committed Arcadians supports Camp’s unique ministry and mission. The LCA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Families or individuals may apply to join the Lutheran Camp Association for a nominal lifetime donation of $500.

Members of the association enjoy the benefits of electing board members, voting on important issues, and the opportunity to participate in the early registration process for a vacation at Camp Arcadia. Early registration requires LCA members to register by the annual priority deadline (usually in early January), but dictates that up to 75% of each retreat is filled with LCA member families through a random drawing process.

To join the LCA we ask for:

  • your prayers
  • your enthusiasm for Camp Arcadia by involvement in decisions for the future of the camp by voting at the annual meeting *
  • support the Lutheran Camp Association’s Vision, Mission and Values. (Hyperlink to the new page)
  • a completed LCA Membership Form.
  • the sum of $500 (one-time payment), or $125 per year (4 annual payments).

Benefits of Membership

When you have completed the LCA application, been approved by the Board of Directors for membership, you become a member of the LCA. With this lifetime membership you will have the following benefits:

  • You can vote at the Annual Meeting for members of the LCA and the Arcadia Foundation Boards of Directors as well as vote on other items brought before the LCA Membership.
  • You will be eligible to serve on committees and boards.
  • You will receive the newsletter and other important information several times a year.
  • You will be able to enter the early registration drawing for the upcoming summer season (if your membership is paid in full).
    • Note: Members of a family living at one address who are lifetime members of LCA are permitted to submit their registration for the early registration drawing. Through this random drawing process, up to 75% of each retreat week is filled with LCA families. Membership applications must be made by July 31 in order to be eligible for early registration that year. Due to space limitations at Camp Arcadia, being a member of the LCA does not guarantee attendance, but only the opportunity to enter the drawing.
  • You will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping provide a Christian family vacation and retreat center for thousands of fellow Christians at Camp Arcadia.
  • Your support will help ensure that Camp Arcadia continues to promote Christian fellowship and education and continues to encourage and stimulate the spiritual growth of all who attend.

Annual Membership Meeting of the LCA

The Annual Membership Meeting is held each year on the first Saturday in November.

The LCA needs your participation in order to reach a quorum (1/4 of the membership) at the annual meeting. During the meetings, reports are given for the membership and an election for the board of directors is held. Members of the LCA are encouraged to attend the meeting or at a minimum send their proxy vote to the camp office or another member of the association who is planning to attend.

Mission, Vision, and Values

Registration is open!

We started accepting registrations starting December 1st.