Evolution of the Trading Post Menu

[su_image_carousel source=”media: 16254″ crop=”21:9″ arrows=”no” dots=”no” outline=”no”]What’s your favorite treat to order from the TP? From Chief Shakes topped with crunchies to rootbeer floats and sodaliciouses, Camp Arcadia’s Trading Post serves up refreshments all summer long. In celebration of Camp Arcadia’s 100th, we’re sharing Archives’ collection of past Trading Post menus.

Since today’s savory TP snack of choice is a “Chief,” “Mom,” or “Rinkie” sized popcorn, campers might be surprised to see that the earliest version of the TP menu on file features the sloppy joe-style slider affectionately coined the “WAMBurger.” Once a TP staple, this sandwich’s title is speculated to have emerged from the second half of the name of the building that housed it: the“WigWAM.” Others have attributed its name to the initials of the founder of the Walther League Camp at Arcadia, Walter A. Maier.

As you peruse TP menus of the past, note the treats that Camp still serves to this day, including sundaes, pop, and Camp’s signature TP Special:

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  1. Let’s not forget about the shake my mom (Rinkie) made with soap powder, rather than malt powder! In all fairness the soap powder was next to the malt powder! I wonder how bubbly that shake was 😂

  2. I would always get a TeePee special on my last night at camp. Always a tradition.
    I say bring back the Wamburger!

  3. My grandma, Hilda Jass, always ordered chocolate or strawberry sodaliciouses. Her wonderful “rule”: if you sat with them in the TP at night (in a booth) she and Grandpa would pay for your treat. An excellent way to ensure the kids would all crowd in with them!

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