Meet the Leaders: Year-Round and “Seasoned” Staff

As Camp Arcadia gears up for the 100th summer season and prepares to welcome our incoming summer staff, we want to introduce our year-round and “seasoned” staff members who serve Camp year after year. We are thankful for these employees who train and guide our seasonal staff to serve the Arcadia community all season long.

Chip May, Executive Director

About Your Role: “2022 will be my 23rd season as Executive Director. Previously I served on summer staff for four summers during college and was an Omega Teen Retreat counselor once. As the Executive Director, I am ultimately in charge of making sure Camp Arcadia carries out our mission. I do this through supervising our management team and staying in touch with our seasonal staff. In the summer I will be directly supervising the housekeeping staff so I will have the most interaction with them. I also am involved in helping our staff transition Camp between guests. You will also see me at a lot of the big program events. I spend a lot of my summer working with staff behind the scenes and interacting with guests. One of my main responsibilities is to fundraise for Camp’s ministry. If you see me on the Inn porch during the day in the summer, I am working with our guests on how they might partner with us to carry out Camp’s mission. My family lives at Camp with me in the summer. We live in the same area that the seasonal staff live, in the second floor of the Wigwam.”
Bio:I am from the Detroit suburbs. I went to Lutheran High North for high school and Michigan State for college. I have a twin brother, Chris. My wife, Sarah, and I met on summer staff in 1996 and were married at Camp in 2000. We have three children: Grace (16), Kate (14), and Charlie (8).  I love to fish, kayak, and ride my road and mountain bikes.”
Looking Forward To This Summer: “I am always excited for it to be summer, and to enjoy the summer on the shores of Lake Michigan. Every year I look forward to serving with the summer staff and seeing them come together as a group. I love to see how each of you brings your unique talents and personalities to the Camp community.”
Advice For Incoming Summer Staff: “I know I sound like an old man, and at 48 I am getting there, but turn your phones off, look up, enjoy the people around you, the natural beauty around you and have a blast. Get your sleep when you are here. Take care of yourself.”

Rachel Catanese, Office Manager

About Your Role: “I have been working year round at Camp since 2011. I also worked three years in college on summer staff. As Office Manager, I work closely with the office staff and guests at the window. I also interact with other summer staffers that pass through the office. I assist staff with any HR questions if needed.”
Bio: “I grew up outside Chicago in River Forest. I have lived in Arcadia for 17 years with my husband Sam, our son Nelson (12 years), and dog Zeke. I enjoy being outdoors, running, and hanging out with friends and family near or on the water! In the off-season I enjoy watching my son participate in his multiple sports seasons.”
Looking Forward To This Summer: “The 100th!!!  It is exciting to be part of such a memorable year in Camp Arcadia’s history. This place has a been so special to me my whole life.”
Advice For Incoming Summer Staff: “Work hard, play hard! This is a unique opportunity to live and work in such a beautiful location in northern Michigan. Take advantage of it!”

Jess McCallum Knoll, Assistant Director

About Your Role: “This is my seventh season at Camp Arcadia! In short, I oversee all programmatic areas and coordinate the operations at Camp Arcadia. During the summer season, I coordinate our Total Program Experience (TPE) by working directly with our program team and Trading Post leadership and managing the moving parts of the whole summer staff (days off, work schedules, etc.).”
Bio: “I am a born and raised Michigander, and after spending a few years after college out of the state, I love being in Michigan and near the “big lake”! I recently married my husband, Mitch, and we live in town with our two dogs, Nyla and Shubby. I enjoy running, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, reading and napping and am hopeful for another bikepacking adventure this summer!”
Looking Forward To This Summer:  “It is always a joy and privilege to serve alongside our summer staff; I am looking forward to building relationships, laughing together and creating memories as a team, plus sharing this iconic 100th season with you and all the guests who are attending!”
Advice For Incoming Summer Staff: “It’s good to remember that each day is a new day–new joys, new challenges, and new opportunities. Soak up each day, as the time flies. Rely on Jesus; pray.” 

Taryn Woell, Food Service Director/Chef

About Your Role: “I am going into my fourth season as Chef. I am responsible for the menu planning, ordering, budgeting, and service of the Kitchen and Dining room. Within this position, I also handle all dietary restrictions and food allergies, as well as special requests. I run a team of 14-16 summer staffers in two different shifts for a total of 28-30 of our summer staff. I work directly with two assistant cooks and two head servers.
Bio: “I originally grew up in Palatine, Illinois. In my family I have my parents Stephanie and Jim, and three sisters: Aislin, Meghan, and Gretchen. I also have my family dog, Ollie, and my fish, Cabo. I went to Augustanta College and graduated in 2019 with a double major in Business Marketing, and Communication Studies. In my free time (which is mostly in the off-season) I enjoy skiing, spending time with family and friends, and travelling.”
Looking Forward To This Summer:  “Since this will be last season, I am excited to make the most of it. It also is the 100th celebration season, which makes me even more excited to celebrate and go out with a bang! I am excited to get to work with some new staff, and see the returners again. I am also excited to be able to work more with the menu and structure of meals, and love being able to see all the planning play out in season.
Advice For Incoming Summer Staff: “Have fun!! You work so hard, but there is so much time for growth in your personal life, but also your professional and spiritual life as well. I met some of my best friends working at Camp, and they made the experience so much better, and also stood by my side after I left Camp. Be open to learning and trying new things. Camp is such a special place, and you learn so much along the way.” 

Sarah Olson, Donor Relations & Communications Coordinator

About Your Role: “I joined the RKD staff in April of 2021, so this will be my second summer on full-time staff. I also served on three summers at Camp during college. My job has two parts: working with our donors and fundraising strategy, and managing Camp Arcadia’s communications (written, email, social media, etc.). During the summer, I manage and work with the media staff to capture the guest experience in photos, videos and long-term projects that continue to serve Camp through the off-season and beyond.”
Bio: “My husband, Tanner, and I live with our goldendoodle, Pancake, in Nashville, TN for most of the year, but we come up to Camp Arcadia for most of the summer. (My parents have a house in the town of Arcadia where we stay while we’re Up North.) Tanner is a writer, speaker and poet. Pancake is a loud barker (especially at cats), a great snoozer and an enthusiastic walker. In our free time, we enjoy trying new restaurants and/or recipes, spending time with our friends, playing board and card games, and taking lots of walks.”
Looking Forward To This Summer: “I am excited to spend time with all of you – you make the season come alive and give it personality! I’m also excited for the opportunity to celebrate 100 years of God’s faithfulness to Camp in big and small ways all season long.”
Advice For Incoming Summer Staff: “You’re headed into a less “plugged in” summer – lean into it! Communicate this with your friends and family to make sure you’re all on the same page, consider taking a break from social media, or set healthy boundaries for yourself. Take advantage of where you are and what you get to do – you’ll never experience another summer just like this one!”

Franco Marano, Caretaker

About Your Role: Franco is headed into his eighth season as Caretaker at Camp Arcadia. He manages all of Camp’s grounds and facilities and directly supervisors our summer caretaking team.
Bio: Franco is married to his wife Callie and they have two boys, Niko and Fierro.

Franco is currently on sabbatical and will see you in May!


Ryan McKenna, Archives Director

About Your Role: “This will be my 32nd season on staff at Camp Arcadia. As Archives Director, I will work with summer staff to facilitate and coordinate our 100th Anniversary exhibits and celebrations this season. ”
Bio: “In my free time, I enjoy vintage Christmas decoration. I am also caregiver for my parents and will now spend the winter months in Rochester, NY. ”
Looking Forward To This Summer: “I am excited for the 100th Anniversary Season, of course, and I am most looking forward to the surprises planned for this year’s Arcadia Daze Parade.”
Advice For Incoming Summer Staff: “The summer flies by–have fun!”

Janice McCraner, Ark Director

About Your Role: This will be Janice’s 25th season working at Camp Arcadia! As Ark Director, she runs programming for 3-5 year old children and works with program staff who assist in the Ark.
Bio: Janice and her husband Tom and have lived in Arcadia for 25 years, and she also serves as Arcadia’s Township Supervisor. They have a dog named Gabby, who you might see around town & Camp. In her free time, Janice enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. 
Advice For Incoming Summer Staff: Janice’s advice for summer staff is to enjoy their time in Arcadia, and make sure to get plenty of rest!



Kris Park, Craft Shop Director

About Your Role: “I have worked as Crafty Lady/Craft Shop Director since 2010.  During 2010 and 2011, I worked full summer seasons at Camp. In 2012 I transitioned into managing the Craft Shop remotely for most of the season and have been loving it ever since. I am present at Camp for pre-season preparations, staff training, in-person crafty staff meetings over the summer, End of Season staff needs, and shop closing. From Ann Arbor, I manage the craft planning, supply ordering, and support the crafty staff with weekly calls/texts.”
Bio: “During winter months I work for Pioneer HS Theater Guild as their Props Designer/Supervisor.  PTG is fortunate to have a big theater allowing us to do large-scale musical productions–many of our alums go on to work professionally as actors and in technical theater.  Between shows, my husband Steve and I enjoy travel and connecting with our three grown children whatever state or country they might be living.”  
Looking Forward To This Summer: “At the start of every season I look forward to reuniting with our camp family.  This season I’m especially excited about Camp’s 100th year and celebrating that momentous occasion together.”
Advice For Incoming Summer Staff: “Come to Camp open to making lots of new friends that may be different from you and bring more t-shirts, socks and dry shampoo than you think you’ll need.”

Mariya Nummerdor, Bookkeeper

About Your Role: “I’ve been working at Camp since 2016. As Bookkeeper, I am in charge of making sure bills are paid on time. I manage guest payments, make sure donations are correctly posted (aka cooking the books!).  I also pay summer staff wages and reconcile daily deposits.”
Bio: “I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and came to Mackinaw Island on a student-exchange program for the summer of 2005. At only 20 years old I was 7,000 miles away from home and poorly speaking English, but I decided to follow my heart and stayed in MI. I love spending time with my family: skiing, hiking, horse farm, camping.”
Looking Forward To This Summer: “Hanging out with friends on the beach.”
Advice For Incoming Summer Staff: “Enjoy each minute! Gain work experience, and make friends for life. Drink a lot of vitamin C. Get enough sleep.”




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