The Arcadia Foundation: 2024 Updates

The Arcadia Foundation was established in 1991 by the LCA to serve as an endowment to support the long-term sustainability and viability of Camp Arcadia.

Since that time, many have committed to planned gifts toward the Foundation in their estate plans or wills, becoming Camp Arcadia Legacy Builders. There are currently 120 Legacy Builders. Generous gifts, both planned and outright, to the Arcadia Foundation have grown its total assets to roughly $1.3 million. Praise God!

These funds are invested under the supervision of the Arcadia Foundation Committee, a six-member advisory and oversight team. Annually, the Foundation Committee determines and designates a distribution from the unrestricted funds within the Foundation toward projects or programs where funding is needed.

This year, the Foundation is thrilled to announce a distribution of $31,651 across two projects: Master Site Plan Architect Fees and Seasonal Staff Wellness Initiatives.

First, the Arcadia Foundation is helping Camp look toward the future by subsidizing the architect fees for the Master Site Plan that is currently in development. Over the last several years, the Board and staff have been listening to your input and developing plans for what’s next at Camp. If you’ve attended the weekly Camp update over the last couple of years, your input has been instrumental in these next steps! We look forward to sharing more about these plans with you this summer.

Second, the Arcadia Foundation is supporting Camp Arcadia’s effort to invest in emerging adults who are the community leaders of today and tomorrow. By offering our staff increased opportunities for leadership development and increased support as they navigate the personal and professional challenges of young adulthood, our goal is to create a summer staff experience that is coveted and highly desired. These improvements to the staff experience ultimately lead to improvements in our guest experience at Camp, as our seasonal staff are some of our primary mission-bearers throughout the season.

In addition to annual distributions from the Arcadia Foundation’s unrestricted assets, the Foundation is home to several special funds that each bless Camp’s ministry to our guests. 

  • A General Scholarship Fund 
  • The J.S. Bach Endowment for Church Music (which provides funding for the excellent Cantors you enjoy at Camp throughout the summer)
  • The Gatz Family Scholarship Fund (which provides specific scholarship funding for Teen Retreat guests)
  • The Teen Ministry Fund (which provides specific funding for Camp’s Teen Retreats)
  • The Ministry Scholarship Fund (which provides scholarship funding for Christian church or school employees)

We are grateful for the continued and growing impact of the Arcadia Foundation on Camp Arcadia’s ministry.

Gifts to the Arcadia Foundation are about legacy! So many generations of families call this place “home.” Because we have received the gift of a thriving Camp Arcadia, it is incumbent upon us to invest in this special place and ministry so it may continue to serve the generations of our families (and new families!) for many years to come.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Arcadia Foundation or becoming a Legacy Builder, contact Sarah Olson for more information.

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