The Arcadia Foundation

What is the Arcadia Foundation?

The Arcadia Foundation, which was created 1991, receives planned gifts, invests them, and then uses the income for projects to help guarantee the long-term stability and growth of Camp through program enrichment, capital improvements, and financial scholarships. This past year the Arcadia Foundation (over $500,000 in assets) provided $6,000 to improve the Map Room in the Inn Lobby and help create the new Archives Exhibit in the Assembly. Imagine if we had $60,000 – $100,000 annually to invest in Camp’s ministry. As the cost of running Camp increases and our 90 year-old facilities age, we will need this revenue stream in order to continue to offer a quality, life-changing experience at affordable rates. A healthy and growing Arcadia Foundation is critical if we want Camp Arcadia to be a sacred place for future generations.

Become a member of the Legacy Builders

The Arcadia Foundation has launched the Camp Arcadia Legacy Builders – an initiative to encourage all of us who love the camp to include Arcadia in our estate plans. The creation of the Legacy Builders gives all of us the chance to have our estate gift recognized, thus providing encouragement to others. We will charter the Legacy Builders in June of 2014 with a plaque recognizing all who have committed to joining by that time. Estate gifts can include gifts through your will, IRA, life insurance policy or a charitable trust, or even an outright gift of cash or stock. Get more information about planned giving here. Each of us is in a different financial situation. The great part about estate giving is that it can often provide advantages to the donor or donor’s family. We have attorneys across our constituency, who can be helpful to set you in the right direction. When you choose to join the Legacy Builders, you will be joining the list of families (see the list on the bottom of this page) who are passionate supporters of Camp Arcadia’s ministry.

Ready to become a Legacy Builder? Contact Sarah Olson today!

Looking for some help in creating or updating your estate plan?

The Arcadia Foundation is partnering with SFC Estate Coaching to offer complimentary estate coaching services to a limited number of Camp Arcadia families. With the help of an expert estate coach, learn more about all the ways you can amply provide for your family, congregation and the organizations you hold near and dear in your estate plans. Learn more about this great resource by clicking here.

Read why these Legacy Builders chose to include Camp Arcadia in their estate plans:

“Camp Arcadia, to me, transcends the generations of our family. My grandparents were there in the 1920’s, my family will be there in 2020, and my great grandkids will be there in 2120. I can’t think of a better way to leave a gift for my kids and future generations than to invest in my community, my church, and Camp Arcadia.” – Jon Leetz

“It is relatively easy to leave cash and possessions to our heirs. It is much more difficult to give them consistent, reliable, supporting and loving Christian experiences. The Camp Arcadia Legacy Builder program gives us the ability to do just that by helping to ensure the continuing ministry and community of Camp Arcadia.” – Norm & Sue Ulbrich

Legacy Builders

Bill and Raydine Alexander
Scott and Kathy Allen
Donald and Becky Amt
Ronda Anderson
John and Susan Bates
Anonymous Donor
Bill and Kathy Beck
Sandy and Mike Becker
Jerry and Jeneane Bejnarowicz
Nancy Berg
Brian and Dru Bergman
Marilyn Bernthal
Bob and Luanne Beumer
Rich and Judy Beumer
Carolyn Blum
Anonymous Donor
Cindy and Ben Boldt
Laura and Scott Boom
Jason and Colleen Brasgalla
Marilyn and John Brickler
Charlie and Jane Brown
Luther and Kristine Brunette
Joe and Pam Buenker
Roxie and Ronald Bureman
Kevin and Sue Campbell
Steve and Luana Carlson
Matt and Katie Couser
Paul and Kelly Culler
Kate Dankovich
Donna Dinkmeyer
Jane Dinkmeyer
Michael and Martha Dourson
Tom and Sarah Dunn
Gary and Tammy Farley
Sherm and Lynn Finer
Debra Fischer
Laverne Flachsbart
Mark and Alison Franke
Dan and Becky Garlock
Don Gatz
Joan Gerberding
Jason and Sarah Gottschalk
Kent and Carla Grebing
Micah and Sarah Greiner
Richard and Laura Greiner
Roger and Janet Guetzkow
Gene and Barbara Haak
Jeff and Carol Haines
Gregg and Sue Hammann
Doris Henke
Lynne Hoyer
Dennis and Kathy Humphrey
James and Carly Jaeger
Mark Jaeger
Tim and Lori Jaeger
Jane E. Schneider
Richard Janzow
Doug Baker and Stephanie Jass
Tom and June Jass
Phil and Erin Jones
Dan and Sherlyn Kah
Wes and Gina Kaufman
Bill Kelley
Elna Kempff
Shirley Kinnear
Carol and Greg Kirkwood
Tom and Karen Klaus
Ellen and Chris Kline
Rich and Gwen Knipstein
Mitchell and Jessica Knoll
Ryan and Marie Kotenko
Walter and Jean Kretzmann
Don and Sue Kruse
Karen and Dale Kruse
David and Patricia Leege
Jon and Kristine Leetz
Chris and Kelly Leiseca
Robert and Marsha Lewis
Chip and Sarah May
Kevin and Jacqueline McHugh
Brian and Kara McKenna
Joe and Andrea Meiser
Rod and BJ Morrison
Eileen Oehler
Melba Panhorst
William and Kathleen Parsons
Phil and Sarah Pierce
Janie Ritthamel
Anonymous Donor
Aaron and Mandy Roggow
Martha Roskam
Steve and Chandler Roskam
Nathan and Melissa Ruby
Albert Ruhlig
Robert and Kit Russell
Albert Schafer
Stan and Sally Scheumann
Gary and Margo Schimmel
Fred Schneider
Peter Schoedel and Carla Luttinen
Walt Schoedel
Scott and Renee Seidler
Mike and Susan Spagnuolo
Will and Karen Spencer
Lynn Steben
Wendy and Chris Stelter
John Stiegemeyer
Janice Sullivan
Mike and Molly Taylor
Norm and Sue Ulbrich
Anonymous Donor
Donna Walz
David Wilkins
RJ and Kathy Winkelhake
Jay and Carol Wippold
Stephanie and Jim Woell
Andy and Molly Wyeth
Bill and Joanne Yonker
Dan and Cindie Zehnder

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