Summer Staff Spotlight: The Barkow Sisters

In 2009, the Barkow sisters of Arcadia, California first visited Camp Arcadia with their extended family. Talitha and Anastasia Barkow’s grandmother, Caroline, had worked on summer staff many years before, so the family decided to travel to Michigan to experience Camp Arcadia together. This summer, Talitha and Anastasia are making their second visit to Camp: this time as summer staff members themselves!

Anastasia at the Archery Range in 2009.

When asked what they remember about Camp Arcadia, the sisters recounted memories of craft shop projects like making lip balm, time in the Trading Post, and of course, playing in Lake Michigan. “I think we were in the lake almost every single day,” Talitha remembers.

Anastasia recounted a story of former summer staffer Aaron Hohle (’06-’09) staying late at the Archery Range to let her and Talitha spend extra time practicing after an especially crowded open archery session. Even as a kid, that made a huge impact on her. “He took time out of his break to let me and my sister stay a little longer at archery. I just thought that was so kind– and I’ve remembered it all these years!” Anastasia hopes for the opportunity to create moments like that this summer as she serves on staff.

Talitha looks forward to experiencing and capturing the beauty of nature as she works on the media staff. “There’s something to be said about connecting to God as you connect with creation and spend time in nature… to be able to see God in the beauty and detail of nature is really astonishing. It’s always a great reminder.”

“There’s something to be said about connecting to God as you connect with creation and spend time in nature… It’s always a great reminder.” – Talitha Barkow

Talitha (left) and Anastasia (right) Barkow

Both Anastasia and Talitha also look forward to being part of the Camp Arcadia community. Especially after the curveballs served up by 2020 and the time they’ve spent apart during this last year, they’re excited to work on staff and spend the summer together. “I’m excited to share this experience with my sister and to serve others while doing it,” Anastasia remarked, “It’s going to be really fun!”

Thank you for continuing to join us in praying for our 2021 Summer Staff as they prepare to start their summer at Camp Arcadia in less than a month!

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