Spirit of Arcadia Update – August 23, 2018


On June 22, the day before we welcomed our first family week guests of 2018, the construction crew packed up their equipment and gear and left town after three months of 11-hour days and six-day work weeks.  Two hundred and fifty feet of steel sea wall and 6,000 tons of rock later we can confidently say we have met the challenge and Camp Arcadia’s buildings are protected from rising waters and erosion. Guests also are enjoying the largest beaches in decades. Thank you again to everyone that has been praying for and supporting Camp Arcadia’s ministry over the past year. But, the work is not done. There is a lot more work to be done this fall and during the off-season.

After Labor Day we will begin work on the wood decks and walkways as well as the permanent railing around the sea wall. (See the three main areas of decking below.)  We hope to have all of this work done by the end of October. The caretaker’s storage building is also in construction and will be complete in the next month or so. Once we close Camp we will begin construction on the Inn East Addition to the kitchen and laundry areas and the enclosure of the Inn North Stairs. We will also be installing an Inn ventilation system in the 2nd floor and re-roofing the Inn. In the spring we will be removing, replacing and raising the current patio. This raised patio will allow for a better view over the railing and eliminate some of the ramps in to the buildings. We plan to have all of this work done by the start of the 2019 season. Please keep Camp in your prayers as the work progresses on the Spirit of Arcadia projects and thank you for your passionate support.

Spirit of Arcadia Campaign Update: We have pledges totaling $2.75 million towards the $3 million goal. Please prayerfully consider helping us raise the remaining $250,000. To donate click here.

Three main areas of decking:

  1. Seawall Walkway: This deck would go along the seawall and tie back to the area in front of the Inn and the Assembly. At it’s most narrow point it would be 10 feet wide. There will be benches and Adirondack chairs along the walkway. 
  2. The stairs and ramp down to the large pocket beach: This will allow everyone to safely get to the beach. There will also be a foot wash station and a place for beach toys.

3. Campfire Area: this area will seat around 50 people and make our campfires accessible to everyone.

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  1. I am missing the trees by the swings. They too were part of our Camp Arcadia family. I hope the repairs to the pocket beachES are completed before the decking is put in place. Very Sad.

    1. Ann, Thanks for the comments. Yes, it is sad to see those two trees go. Unfortunately they were dead and posed a safety concern to kids on the playground. We have had numerous large branches fall off in the past few years. It is our hope as well that the repairs to the small pocket beach will be done this fall and we will make sure that the deck installation will not prevent us from accessing that area.
      Thank you,

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