Juniper Face-lift in Photos!

Welcome! Take a look at some of the newest updates in Juniper!  The Cottage has themed rooms based on some of Camp Arcadia’s favorite activities!

The Jetty Wall:

It feels like sitting on the beach when you walk into Juniper!  Pieces of the recently removed jetties create a great accent wall and a fun welcome to the cottage.

The Living Room:

With new flooring, new seating, and some great new decor, this is great space for time together as a family!



Each Bedroom has it’s own theme!  Check these out!

  1.  The Archery Room:  complete with bows, arrows, and targets on the walls!
  2. The Softball Room:  Sunday’s favorite activity has a special place in Juniper!
  3.  The Tennis Room:  who knew there were so many ways to use tennis balls?
  4. The Square Dance Room: complete with a working record player and records so you can practice your moves!

Even the back porch got a new table and some great Ping Pong paraphernalia!


And if you get to visit, you’ll want to check out the water skis and bathing suits in the hallway up to the second floor!

What a fun way to share some great photos of Camp’s favorite activities!

Many thanks to our caretakers and our archives team (and many volunteers!) for all the hard work to make Juniper Cottage a new favorite place to stay or visit!

Come check it out in person!




7 Responses

  1. This looks awesome! Ryan and the Archives did a great job, following up what looks like a really strong physical renovation of the spaces. So sorry I missed the opportunity to take a tour when I was up there last!

  2. Looking forward to our annual stay at the Juniper in a couple weeks, love all the new decorations, it looks great!

  3. It looks great . I love the themes in each room. Perfect for a cottage . I see Ryan’s hands and ideas at work . Great job decorating team .

  4. We loved staying in the Juniper Cottage. It is beautiful and very comfortable for our large crowd! (6 adults and 2 children)
    Hope to be able to stay there again next time we attend.

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