Camp Arcadia Welcomes Arcadia Residents for Town Dinner

For 18 years Camp Arcadia has been welcoming the residents of Arcadia to Camp for the first dinner of the season.  This tradition celebrates Camp’s roots in the town of Arcadia and our continued partnership.

“From the Starke family of Arcadia who gave the Walther League 110 arces on Lake Michigan to build Camp Arcadia, to the on-going effort to protect and preserve Arcadia’s wonderful natural resources – Camp Arcadia would not be what it is today without the love and support of the town of Arcadia.” said Chip May,Executive Director.

This is the third year that the Town Dinner is also a fundraiser to benefit the community. This year, Camp Arcadia is proud to announce that in an effort to raise money for the Pleasant Valley Community Center, they have matched a donation of $5,945 with their own donation of $3,500, for a grand total of $9,445.

“The Community Center provides a place for the community to gather and socialize. We also house the library and provide a place for several programs and festivals throughout the year,” said Rachel Catanese, President of the Pleasant Valley Community Center Board. “We are very grateful for this partnership with Camp Arcadia, as well as the fundraising opportunity. We really hope to continue this in the future.”

Guests were treated to a delicious dinner and free ice cream in the Trading Post.

“I go to the Town Dinner every year, and it’s always fantastic. This year’s service was superb. The meal was great, and our waitress was very polite,” said Arcadia resident Wes Hull. “I will definitely be returning next year.”

The town residents were eager to get to know the new staffers, and staffers were interested in what it’s like to live in Arcadia all year long. The dinner was also an excellent opportunity to break out the brand new outdoor ice cream cart, alleviating guests from long waiting times inside of the Trading Post while still allowing them to enjoy the sunset.

Overall, the Town Dinner was a huge success, both in regards to funds raised and relationships formed. Although it only occurs once a year, Camp Arcadia is already looking forward to next year’s Town Dinner!

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