Improvements Added for 2013 Season

Camp Arcadia is excited to introduce several new additions this year!

First of all, the crafty crew is proud to unveil a new flight of stairs leading from the main floor down to the basement. In the recent past, the basement has only been accessible from the outside, but this new improvement will provide easier access to the projects available downstairs. Also in the Craft Shop is a brand new Crafty Lady Island, functioning as a desk and improving the overall appearance of the Craft Shop.

“The new island opens up the room and makes it more accessible for the crafty ladies to teach,” said this year’s Craft Shop Manager Kristine Weber. “I’m excited for the new additions to create new opportunities for crafters.”

Over in the Inn, there is another big change. What used to be the Reading Room has been combined with the old Card Room to create a much larger area for fellowship. A new coffee counter has been added, with coffee and hot chocolate available at any time during the day.  We give thanks to volunteers Ted Leno, Mark Kunert, and Stan Woell for working on this project through the winter and finalizing it in time for campers to arrive.

This team, along with Bill Beck, Cort Winters, and David Wood, also helped to improve the cottages, working to replace light fixtures, replace storm doors, and several other odds and ends.

“There are lots of us that help with Camp throughout the year,” said Ted Leno. “There are many people who care.”

Finally, Camp is also excited about its newly installed generator, located behind the Inn. Should the power go out, this generator will serve multiple purposes in the Inn . The generator, which runs only on natural gas, has the ability to keep the entire Inn up and running.

“Thanks to the new generator, every light, cooler, refrigerator, and piece of equipment in the Inn will continue to work even when the power goes out,” said caretaker John Jass.

This means that Camp no longer needs to worry about spoiling food in case of power loss. Chef Kurt Harvey is thankful for what this will do for the kitchen.

Not only will the generator be helpful in the summer, but it will protect guests from the cold weather during the fall retreats. If the power were to go out during the fall months, the rooms in the Inn would get very cold. However, the heat will now be able to remain functioning even in a power outage.

“We have had a handful of power outages in the past few years, and we were close to having to send guests home.  This new generator insures that our guests won’t have to miss out on their Arcadia experience.” said Chip May, Executive Director.

Thanks to the dedication of several volunteers and donors, Camp Arcadia is able to continuously improve. Make sure to enjoy some time in the Craft Shop and new coffee room this summer, and don’t worry if the power goes out!

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