Staffer Spotlight on Siri Olsen

Many lifelong Arcadians spend their childhoods awaiting the days when they are finally old enough to work on Camp Arcadia’s summer staff. While many of our staff members have been to Camp Arcadia in the past, kitchen staffer Siri Olsen’s story is very different.

Siri is from Fort Collins, Colorado, and before this summer, had never been to camp. Her Pastor, Rev. Tim Runtsch of Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Collins, served last year as a family week dean and encouraged Siri to apply to be on staff.

Siri, a junior nursing major at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, was eager for the opportunity to work in a new place with new people.

“Before I came here, I was just expecting to have so much fun! I knew I would meet great people, and of course brush up on my chopping and baking skills in the kitchen,” said Siri.

Siri, an avid traveler and lover of the outdoors, was excited about the adventures she would have at camp. Her hobbies at home include cooking, hiking, and skiing, so she is is already feeling comfortable in the Camp Arcadia atmosphere (except for our lack of skiing of course!).

“I love adventure, the water, and meeting new people. I was excited about the idea of being in a community with other college-aged people serving wonderful guests all summer long!” she said.

As Siri accustoms herself to life at Camp Arcadia, making new friends and learning to work in the kitchen, she has made a few observations about the community.

“I knew ahead of time that people loved Camp Arcadia, but being here makes me see it even more,” she said. “It is so cool to hear stories and memories of fellow staffers growing up at camp. Maybe someday I’ll bring my own children here!”

Not only are we blessed to have Siri on staff, but we also appreciate the other members of this year’s staff for their summer of service. It’s going to be a great summer!

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