Improvements Added for 2013 Season

Camp Arcadia is excited to introduce several new additions this year! First of all, the crafty crew is proud to unveil a new flight of stairs leading from the main floor down to the basement. In the recent past, the basement has only been accessible from the outside, but this new improvement will provide easier […]

Camp Arcadia Welcomes Arcadia Residents for Town Dinner

For 18 years Camp Arcadia has been welcoming the residents of Arcadia to Camp for the first dinner of the season.  This tradition celebrates Camp’s roots in the town of Arcadia and our continued partnership. “From the Starke family of Arcadia who gave the Walther League 110 arces on Lake Michigan to build Camp Arcadia, […]

Staffer Spotlight on Siri Olsen

Many lifelong Arcadians spend their childhoods awaiting the days when they are finally old enough to work on Camp Arcadia’s summer staff. While many of our staff members have been to Camp Arcadia in the past, kitchen staffer Siri Olsen’s story is very different. Siri is from Fort Collins, Colorado, and before this summer, had […]