Why We Give: Mitch and Jess Knoll

Throughout November and December, we’re highlighting the stories of several supporters of Camp Arcadia’s ministry, why they give, and how.

Mitch and Jess Knoll

A couple who needs no introduction… but we’ll introduce them anyway! Jess has been serving on Camp Arcadia’s management team since 2016 – first as Program Director and now as Assistant Camp Director. Mitch and Jess were married in 2021 and live in Arcadia year round. Mitch and Jess support Camp Arcadia as Arcadia Champions and Legacy Builders, along with giving countless hours of their energy and time to Camp’s ministry!


What do you love most about Camp Arcadia?

Everything! For us, Camp always comes back to a community that is seeking to learn and love Jesus together. We both have been immensely blessed and our lives enriched by the people we have met and relationships fostered at Camp from management staff to seasonal staff, guests and volunteers! It is a gift to be a part of and have the privilege of engaging in the Camp community.


What inspires you to give to Camp Arcadia?

We believe that Camp changes lives and has a profound impact upon those who venture into its community.  For me (Jess), camp literally changed my life as a preteen and is the reason I have a personal relationship with Jesus.  We give of our time and energy to Camp and feel called to financially support the mission as well. (The mission of Camp isn’t about money, but money certainly moves the mission.)


Anything else?

We are grateful for the ways we have to partner and be a part of the ministry of Camp and look forward to continuing that as we grow our family!


Join us in keeping Mitch & Jess in your prayers as they get ready to welcome their newest family member in the coming month! You can learn more about supporting Camp Arcadia with a gift or becoming a Legacy Builder on our website.

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