Why We Give: Mark & Alison Franke

Throughout November and December, we’re highlighting the stories of several supporters of Camp Arcadia’s ministry, why they give, and how.

Mark and Alison Franke

Mark and Ali at Camp Arcadia in 2022

Mark and Alison Franke spend a week at Camp each summer as Family Week Campers and are excited to have recently become Camp Arcadia Legacy Builders. In addition, Ali serves on the LCA Board of Directors and End of Season Staff, and Mark is a committed RKD Men’s Retreat attendee! Mark and Ali live in St. Louis, MO with their son, Henry (14).

What do you love most about Camp Arcadia?

Hands down, the people. We have met and interacted with so many people that have shaped our individual and family’s spiritual lives. It could be a dean’s lecture that we remember years later to my son raving about Alpha week or a heartfelt conversation on the Inn porch. People are created for connection, so when you meet someone at camp – amidst the lake beauty and while all of your needs are being met – a special friendship is formed.  A close second is the scent of the first floor Inn hallway; it must be a combination of old wood and nostalgia. If camp could make that into a candle, we would buy it!


What inspires you to give to Camp Arcadia?

It is important to us to support faith based organizations that make a difference and Camp Arcadia easily tops that list. We have relocated four times as a family and each summer when we turn onto Oak Street, it feels like we are coming home. Mark has said that he comes annually for two reasons: because every year is completely different and because every year is exactly the same.


You can learn more about supporting Camp Arcadia with a gift and registering to attend a retreat at Camp Arcadia on our website.

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