The Powell Family Arcadia Story

All it took was a simple invitation to Camp in 2014 and they were hooked. “We were blown away,” says Jennifer Powell as she recalls how she felt about the first time she and her husband Jerry joined 17 other family members on the shores of Lake Michigan. “From the beautiful setting, to the food, to the dean’s and kid’s programs, and everything else it didn’t feel like the typical camp, but something much better.”

Since Camp has become a yearly tradition, the Powells have gravitated toward Family Week 9. Late in the season and one of the less attended Family Weeks, we asked Jennifer why they prefer this one compared to others. At first it was the only one that they could get in, but as time has passed, they’ve been able to rely on the same families being there. They see old faces while meeting new.

Camp Arcadia has secured a special place in the hearts of not only Jennifer and Jerry, but their children: Kayla, Zach, and Abby. Each summer the kids are able to reconnect with friends from previous years while taking part in the various programs that Camp has to offer. “In the future we want our kids to bring our grandkids to Camp, so they too can experience all that it has to offer.”

For the Powell family one of the greatest aspects of the Family Weeks is that they are multi-generational and it feels like they are at their home church, learning and conversing with people of all ages. Since making the journey in the latter stages of summer has become a habit, the Powells use this as a time of rest that springboards them into the busy fall season. “We leave there refreshed and ready to move on, while looking forward to the next time we will be back.”

With all of this in mind, Jennifer said that there is one thing that Camp offers which truly stands out among everything else:

“While at Camp we remember who we are in Him.”

Through the times of stress and busyness we can get caught up in it all and lose sight of what matters most: our identity in Christ and that through Him we are free to be. All it took for the Powells was an invitation to come to Camp and now Camp holds a strong place in their hearts.

Take a second to think who around you would benefit from an invitation to Camp Arcadia.

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