One Thing I Love About Camp Arcadia is…

FW6_stock_photoRoses are red, and violets are blue…
This Valentine’s Day, we’re hearing from you!
What are the things about Camp RKD
that fill hearts with love so naturally?
We posed this question to some of your friends…
If they missed something, add yours to the end!


“I love the moment we’re in the car, as we turn onto Oak Street and we begin to see the lake, and know that we’re arriving at Camp for an amazing week of growing in mind, body and spirit.” – Dan Eder

“One thing I love about Camp Arcadia is that it allows our family to breathe. To step out of the crazy and into God’s stillness and peace.” – Stephanie Bante

“I love Camp Arcadia because it is so easy to relax there! Besides all the amenities provided by the staff, the setting of Camp invites relaxation. Being in a small town with the shores of Lake Michigan in one direction and the forest in the other makes it so easy to rest physically and mentally.” – Nolan Janke

“One thing I love about Camp Arcadia? Watching sunsets on the Patio, attending the lectures, Closing Worship, reconnecting with Campers you only see only a year, the feeling you are on Holy Ground… That’s more than one, and I could go on!”  – Kelly Culler

IMG_9572 (1)“I love the smiles on my girls’ faces!” – Jackie Spenner Bywater

“One thing I love about Camp Arcadia is falling asleep — after a night of laughing with friends and making memories with my family — to the sounds of Lake Michigan filling the air.” – Matt Popovits

“One thing I love is working in the office at the end of season. The office staff is there for the people that come to Camp. When they stop by the office, it’s always fun to get to know them and help them with their questions and issues. I enjoy being an advocate to ensure our guests have a wonderful visit.” – Kathy Hass

“One thing I love about Camp Arcadia is the fellowship each summer with both old and new friends!” – David Wilkins

Summer Staffers at Aquapalooza during Omega Teen Retreat“One thing I love about Camp Arcadia is the relationships that come from working with such a wonderful and talented staff!” – Emma Giger

“One thing I love about RKD is the loving enthusiasm of the staff. They never “phone it in,” and instead engage with my kids out of genuine care. Praise God for them!” – Rachel Hinz

“One thing I love about Camp Arcadia is the cherished, lifelong friendships formed there. Reconnecting to play and pray, sing and laugh, worship and eat, is treasured time. Camp friends are friends for life.” – Laura Eder

“One thing I love about Camp Arcadia is the community that allows us to form lifelong relationships.” – Will McCardy

“If I had to narrow it down to one thing… I think I’d go with the people. From both being a guest and being on staff, Camp is where I’ve cultivated so many incredibly meaningful relationships with some of my closest friends (and also where I happened to meet my spouse). Coming back to Camp and rekindling those relationships is one of my most treasured traditions and something I look forward to throughout the year. While Camp provides such an incredible setting to reconnect with one another and with God, it’s the people who ultimately carry out Camp’s mission and help make it such a special place.” – Justin Salamone

“One thing I love about Camp Arcadia is its timelessness. Every time I come back I can be sure that my faith will be reaffirmed, challenged, refreshed, or all three. It’s a sanctuary where friends become family and time slows enough to be satisfied in complete simplicity.” – Kayla Nelsen

“Things I love about Camp Arcadia: the sense of being home (heaven on earth); a deep sense of belonging and Christian community; the time to appreciate and breathe in the beauty of God’s creation, to study and meditate on God’s word, and to reconnect and develop relationships; the sunsets… and peace.” – Kim Eveler

What is one thing you love about Camp Arcadia?

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