New Staffing Model – Part Two

Each offseason, our goal is to evaluate and strive toward improvements to the guest and staff experience. As a result of this year’s evaluation and reflection, we are rolling out several new staffing changes this season. In this update, we’ll focus on some additional support staff we’ve brought on board for the upcoming season.

In order to increase the quality and consistency of our guest experience this summer, we’ve added a few seasonal support staff to our team this year. Both are members of the Cottage Colony who expressed interest in seasonal service at Camp. Their leadership will offer additional bandwidth for providing guidance, encouragement, and accountability to our summer staff in their respective departments.

Sandy Albrecht-Conrad (Baking Supervisor)
Sandra Albrecht-Conrad, a life-time cottager, and her husband, Bob, recently became full-time residents in the cottage colony. While Sandy has spent about 25 years as an educator, she has considerable experience in commercial baking. She and her family have spent many summers working on staff at Camp Arcadia.


Michelle Gilbertson (Housekeeping Supervisor)
Michelle lives in Houston, TX – she and husband, Scott, recently built a cottage in the Cottage Colony. A longtime Family Camper, Michelle currently serves as the Assistant Chair of the Chemistry Department at Rice University during the school year. Michelle’s daughter also recently served on summer staff.

We have found that our summer staff are better able to provide a more consistently high level of service to our guests when they are given the opportunity to serve alongside adult leaders who are committed to providing guidance, encouragement and accountability. The addition of these positions supports our goal to improve our staffing model – not only resulting in better service for our guests, but also in increased opportunities for our college-aged summer staff to grow and develop professionally, personally, and spiritually through their work at Camp.

Specifically, Sandy will be leading the baking production providing baked goods from scratch. She will work with and train staff throughout the season. Michelle will be leading the housekeeping team, working with the head housekeeper to train, encourage, and manage the housekeeping staff during the summer season.

We look forward to introducing you to Sandy and Michelle this summer! Join us in giving them a warm welcome.

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