Introducing a New Staffing Model

Each offseason, our goal is to evaluate and strive toward improvements to the guest and staff experience. As a result of this year’s evaluation and reflection, we are rolling out several new staffing changes this season. In each of the next three ENewsletters, we’ll fill you in on some of the changes we will implement this year. We begin this week with our changes to the Two-Department Staffing Model.

Since 2020, Camp Arcadia’s staffing model has allowed our summer staff to serve in more than one department. For the last three seasons, the majority of our staff have served in two departments, working in one department for the morning and the other in the afternoon. After continued evaluation of the pros and cons of this model through self-evaluation, guest feedback and staff feedback, we are making some adjustments for the 2024 season. 

For this season, there are two changes we are making: hiring more staff who will serve in one department and changing how staff work in two departments. 

  • A portion of our staff will serve in one department all summer long, providing leadership and continuity from week to week. 
  • For our summer staff who serve in two departments, they will rotate their positions by the week instead of by half-day.
    • For example, staff member Joey is hired for Kitchen / Program. During Family Week 1, Joey will work in the kitchen for the entire retreat (Sunday through Saturday); During Family Week 2, Joey will serve in Program for the entire retreat (Sunday through Saturday). This will continue on a rotational basis throughout Joey’s time on staff.
  • Following our team approach to our staffing model, there may be days or weeks where any staff member is asked to flex and cover other areas of Camp to support Camp in achieving its mission. 

We are making these adjustments for the upcoming season out of a desire to… 

  • Better support and develop our staff in the departments they serve.
    By serving in one department for a week, or the whole summer season, staff will have an opportunity to feel more confident in their work over the course of the week and season, have space for debriefing as a team and the ability to grow and develop leadership skills.
  • Respond to feedback from staff and guests about their experience with our split department model.
    As we received feedback from the staff about their experience, we learned that many of them enjoy working in two departments, but they also see how more consistency in their work day would lead to better outcomes for themselves and the guests. We feel this new model will give them the benefits of working in two departments (less burnout, more opportunities for development), a more consistent work environment for the staff, and better service to the guests.

Guest feedback indicates that rotating departments by the half-day resulted in less continuity in the guest experience and less opportunities for the staff to deepen their relationships with guests. By being in one department for the week, the staff will have this opportunity to get the guests better in the role and better meet Camp’s ministry goals (Christ-centered community, faith and family formation, radical hospitality, simple and abundant living, and excellence).

Camp Arcadia continues to evaluate and make adjustments to our staff model as we strive to uphold our vision, mission and values! Stay tuned in the next ENewsletter to learn about some additional support staff hired for the 2024 season.

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