Management Team Transitions

Joe Frederick, co-caretaker, and Leah Sallach, operations director, will be leaving Camp’s management team after the end of the season in mid-November.  

Joe Frederick has been with Camp for the past four years and was instrumental in leading Camp through the completion of the multi-million dollar Spirit of Arcadia projects, in particular the beach project. “Joe has done an exceptional job managing the beach and upland improvement projects. With the Camp’s existence on the line, Joe was able to help lead us to the right solutions and get the projects completed on-time and within budget. I am so thankful for his leadership during the past four years.” said Chip May, executive director. 

Joe said he has valued and enjoyed his time at Camp and is now looking for a new challenge and an opportunity to develop his building skills. He will maintain his residence in Arcadia. Joe said, “My time at Camp allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. The opportunities for responsibility and leadership taught me a lot about myself and will help me in my next adventure.”

Franco Marano, co-caretaker, will take the lead on Camp’s caretaking responsibilities. He has served four years as a co-caretaker, and 3 years previously as an assistant to then caretaker John Jass. “Franco has done an outstanding job managing the Spirit of Arcadia Inn building projects and I have the greatest confidence in his ability to step into this solo position,” said Chip May.  Chip noted that he and the board are opting to utilize caretaker assistants during the season and a part-time assistant for Franco during the off-season rather than hiring another co-caretaker.

Leah Sallach, operations director, has been at Camp for four seasons. She was the first to assume the role of operations director, a position that has varied responsibilities including directing Camp’s promotional efforts, managing the Housekeeping and Trading Post operations, and handling seasonal staff human resource needs.  “I can’t thank Leah enough for all she has done during her tenure. She has improved Camp’s promotional efforts and really dedicated herself to the seasonal staff. Her passion for Camp’s mission and for caring for our staff will leave a lasting impact on Arcadia’s ministry,” commented Chip May. “I am so thankful for the opportunity to have served in many ways and with so many incredible people here at Camp Arcadia. God is truly at work here. I have been blessed to be a part of his plan here and look forward to the next plan He has for all of us!” said Leah. 

Camp has been blessed to have both Joe and Leah with us during this crucial time in Camp’s ministry. Join us in wishing them both well in the next chapters of their lives.

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