Taryn Woell Becomes Permanent Chef

Taryn Woell, who has served as the interim chef at Camp Arcadia since early June of this year, has been named Camp’s permanent chef. She becomes a year-round management team member. Taryn is a lifelong member of the Camp Arcadia family and 4th generation Arcadian. Previously, she spent three summers on the kitchen team at Camp Arcadia, the last two in leadership roles.


“I can’t say enough good things about Taryn’s performance this summer. She excelled under pressure, learning as she went how to prepare wonderful meals, and kept her staff focused on Camp’s ministry. I was especially impressed with her ability to learn new culinary skills, make improvements throughout the summer, and her love for Camp Arcadia.” extolled Chip May, Executive Director. 


Taryn is from Palatine, IL and is a recent graduate of Augustana College. She is the second oldest of four daughters to Jim and Steff Woell, who met as kids at Camp Arcadia. Taryn’s older sister Aislin and her younger sister Meghan both have served on summer staff. Taryn’s grandparents on both sides, Stan and Karla Woell and R.J. and Kathy Winkelhake, as well as many other members of her family have cottages in Arcadia. 


“This summer experience has been full of trial and error, and the support I have received along the way has been extraordinary. God really took my hand and walked me through my work each day this summer. The guests, staff, and management team welcomed me with whole hearts. This past summer has been overwhelming, but a blessing. I am so blessed and excited to continue to serve as Camp Arcadia’s Chef, and I cannot wait to see what the off season brings, as I prepare for the future as Chef at the place we all love best.“


Please join us in welcoming Taryn as Camp Arcadia’s chef as we continue to make the meal time a highlight of the Arcadia experience.

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  1. Great news to have you as permanent staff. FOOD is a very important part of the RKD experience. My family loves it when the dining room doors open (especially the grandkids).

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