Celebrating Chip’s 20 Years of Service at Camp Arcadia

Chip May’s twenty years of service as Camp’s executive director were celebrated at the  Lutheran Camp Association annual membership meeting. A wonderful highlight video was shown highlighting Chip’s more wacky moments over the years. Click here to watch!

In addition to speeches given at the LCA board dinner on Friday night by Kate List and Ali Franke, at the annual meeting speeches were given by Bill Yonker, Norm Ulbrich and Stan Scheumann. Chip received a scrapbook filled with pictures and letters from Camp supporters. The LCA board also presented Chip with a monetary gift towards a family vacation. “I was totally surprised by the celebration, said Chip, I knew they would recognize it, but I was overwhelmed and humbled by all of the words of love and support for me and my wife. It is an honor to serve God by serving at Camp Arcadia.”

Chip was joined by his wife, Sarah, for the celebration. Her words of thanks sums up their gratitude for their time at Camp Arcadia, “Our family has been so fortunate to be part of Camp Arcadia over the last 20 years.  Throughout this time, we’ve shared in many amazing moments from evening vespers to stunning sunsets to nights spent laughing with friends on the front porch.  We give thanks especially for all the many wonderful friendships that have been formed with guests, staff, and cottagers. The Camp season has been the rhythm that Chip and I have lived our lives together with every October being ready for closing weekend and each Spring counting down the days with anticipation and excitement for the next season to start.  I am hoping by God’s grace for many more Camp seasons ahead of us!”



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