Fall at Camp Arcadia

Fall staff is a unique opportunity to serve at Camp Arcadia. It is the one time where college students, adults, and high school students can all serve together. End of season staff is so important to RKD! Camp retreats go into the end of October, after all of the college students travel back to their respective universities. It is so important that Camp gathers wonderful workers and volunteers for the last few months of the season to continue the ministry into the fall.

Signing up to work can be a huge leap of faith for any of those who choose to volunteer. Shirley Orolim, who has worked on fall staff for 4 years, says that “you just have to show up because we have so much fun. It’s the after hours as well… We do have a good time. I would encourage anybody to come. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or you’re old.”

Anyone who has worked on staff knows how stretching and rewarding it can be. It is hard tiring work, but the difference one can make is immense. “It is a lot of hard work but we have such a good time. It is the people and the friendships that we have. It’s so important,” says Shirley Orolim of working end of season. The theme of relationships comes up over and over again in regards to working at Camp. Anybody can make a huge impact on someone’s life while working at RKD. “You have a positive impact on the people who are coming,” Dorothy Zahora says. She also said that you realize how much you are doing for someone else and how much they appreciate it. That is really what matters. Helping others to become refreshed and renewed in a stress free environment is what Camp Arcadia is all about. If we can help someone grow closer to God through serving them, then we will do all we can.

If you are available during the fall season, we would love your help. Fall season this year is August 18th through the end of October. Positions are open in all areas of staff (program, kitchen, housekeeping, office, and caretaking). Room and board are provided, days off are offered. Those who work four consecutive retreats will get a bonus.

Want to be a part of the RKD legacy and story? Apply on our website today! We would love to share in these experiences with you!

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