Camp Arcadia’s 2017 Beach Status; Facts and Photos


Here are a few current facts and figures about the beach here at Camp Arcadia :

  • The current water level is at 578.80 feet.
  • That is 15 inches above the average!
  • That is 16 inches below the record high level of 1987
  • That is 46 inches higher than the record low level in 1964
  • The water is a full inch higher than last summer!


These photos were taken this past week at Camp Arcadia!


Here is the newest drone video showing the current status of the beach:


Time at the beach is a big part of the Arcadia experience for so many!  It is so important to preserve the Spirit of Arcadia for generations to come and our beach is a large part of that tradition.  For more information about the Spirit of Arcadia Campaign and how the beach restoration project fits into that campaign, please click here!


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  1. The drone video shows how close the lake is to our structures.
    Agree, the beach is an important part of the time at camp.
    God rules the wind and waves, pray He will provide a solution.

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