Remembering Walt by Chip May

“Strawberries, Lord, my they’re tasty, Amen!” This is just one of many memorable prayers that Pastor Walt Schoedel shared at Camp Arcadia. Walt passed away on November 9 at the age of 97. Rev. Schoedel was a pastor, teacher, administrator, consultant and author during his 70+ years of ministry. At Camp Arcadia he was a […]

We love thee, RKD: I’m thankful for Camp because…

The holiday season is a great time to reflect on God’s goodness in our lives. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, these campers took some time to count the blessings that God has given them through Camp. “I’m thankful for… FRIENDSHIPS “Some of the most important relationships to me are the ones started at Camp […]

The Spirit Orchard: An Excerpt from Days Filled with Sunshine

Perhaps you’ve walked through the doors in the back of the Assembly hundreds of times – and perhaps you’ve noticed the dedication of the room as “Caemmerer Hall.” But do you know who Rev. Dr. Richard Caemmerer was? Dr. Caemmerer—“Doc” to Arcadians—served as a dean at RKD for fifty-one years. He taught homiletics (the art […]

Running back to fullness: The draw of working on staff at Camp

This past Saturday, fellow summer staffer, Luke Anderson, and I drove back home to Indianapolis, officially closing out our time as summer staffers this season. Between belting Taylor Swift and queuing up exceptionally sad songs to match our moods, we reflected on the summer. We discussed the hard parts, the good parts, the memorable parts, […]