Beach Project – Work Begins!

Updated plans for the beach project.

We have exciting news to share with you. We have begun construction on the beach project! To keep all of the Camp Arcadia community up-to-date, below are updates on the projects, and the campaign goals and progress. Also there will be a webinar in April where you can learn more and ask questions. Look for more information on that soon.

Shoreline Protection System
Installing the beach protection system (a rock revetment and a steel sheet pile seawall in front of the patio area) is our first priority. This past week we started construction. Our contractor, Team Elmer’s, will work on the areas to the south of the Assembly first. For this area they will be accessing the lakefront from the turnaround and working along the shoreline, removing the wooden jetties and other structures as they place rock and sheet piling along the shoreline. It is our goal to have most of this work done by May 25, the weekend we open up Camp. They will then move to the areas north of the Assembly, accessing the shoreline just north of the tennis courts. It is our goal to have this done by June 23, the start of the family retreat season.

If you plan to be in Arcadia before the season begins, and are curious about the project’s progress, please stop by the Camp office first. Please do not enter the construction site, as it can be unsafe. Also, we ask that you keep the beach project in your prayers as we have a tight timeline to complete the project – please pray for good weather and a smooth implementation. Click here to view drawings of the shoreline protection system and recent pictures of their work.

Artist Rendering of the new campfire area.

Upland Improvements
The upland improvements include the wood stairs, ramps and decks that will give access to the pocket beaches and provide waterfront viewing in front of the patio. It also includes the campfire area and replacing the patio. These upland improvements are crucial to our guest’s ability to access the beach areas and enjoy the lakefront. We have been working with SmithGroup JJR to more fully develop the conceptual and construction drawings for the upland improvements. Due to economies of scale, we save a significant amount of money by doing these improvements at the same time as the shoreline protection system. It is our goal to have these completed by June 23, the start of Camp’s family weeks. Click here to view drawings and rendering of these improvements.

Building Projects
We are working with our architects on further developing the Inn east addition (kitchen and laundry). After much research and analysis we have decided to keep the laundry in the basement. We found large capacity washing machines that can go into the basement. We will be reorganizing and improving the existing laundry area to provide better storage and lighting. This change lessens the floor print of the plan and reduces the cost. We did research the idea of outsourcing our laundry needs, but it proved to be too costly.

It is our plan to start work on the buildings this fall. We would start with the caretaker’s storage facility located out near M-22, with the hope of completing it in time for us to use it for storage before we start on the Inn additions. We plan to begin construction on the Inn East addition and the enclosing of the Inn’s north stairwell this fall once the season is over at the end of October.

Spirit of Arcadia Campaign Goal & Progress
The LCA board of directors decided to raise the total SOA campaign goal from $2.5 million to $3.0 million due to project cost increases. We currently have $2.35 million pledged and donated, and $1.22 million received as of March 15, 2018. We give thanks to God for the generosity of the Camp Arcadia family and look forward to starting the public phase of the campaign in mid-April, and we ask that you prayerfully consider making a pledge or gift to the campaign then. Of course, if you would like to make a donation now, you are always welcome to go to our website to do so.

We are on course to meet the financial goals (50% gifts received, 90% pledged) that were set forth by the membership in order to go ahead with construction. The beach project was given an exemption from these financial requirements at the 2017 LCA membership meeting. The LCA has allocated $250,000 in cash reserves towards to the Spirit of Arcadia campaign if needed. This is not reflected in the pledged total. With these allocated funds, Camp meets these financial requirements. It is still our hope to raise funds for the total cost of the projects. We are going to be working with Church Extension Fund – LCMS – Michigan District on a line of credit to cover construction costs.

Upcoming Webinar
In April we will hosting webinar to give everyone a chance to ask questions about the projects and the campaign. Look for more details on the webinar soon.

We appreciate your continued prayers and support of this important effort.

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