Beach Crisis Update in Video & Pictures – October 27, 2017

Camp’s beach has suffered more erosion in the past week. 50 mile per hour gusts and sustained winds of 20 – 30 mph brought big waves on Oct. 23 – 24. Check out these videos from that time and some before and after pictures.

Check out this video from October 24, 2017


AUGUST – A picture when the merry-go-round is being removed.


OCTOBER – The orange cone is covering the center pole of the merry-go-round.



AUGUST – The end of the foot wash station’s ramp used to have sand and dune grass almost to the top of the observation deck.


October – notice how the cement observation deck is being undermined.


July 2017 – Boat Launch Area


AUGUST – Boat launch area after storms.


OCTOBER – Boat launch area – notice how more of the jetties and seawall are exposed due to the sand being taken away.

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