Why We Give: Aislin Woell

Throughout November and December, we’re highlighting the stories of several supporters of Camp Arcadia’s ministry, why they give, and how.

Aislin Woell

At Camp Arcadia, “giving” doesn’t only refer to financial support. Aislin Woell gives back to Camp in so many ways: whether it’s through service as a Teen Retreat Counselor or End of Season Staffer, in sharing Camp’s calls to action via social media or in adding a couple extra items to her Amazon cart for Camp. Aislin lives in Traverse City, MI.

What do you love most about Camp Arcadia?

Camp Arcadia means home and family to me. I love that I cannot walk across the patio or boardwalk without seeing someone I know and having the sacred time to reminisce and catch up on their lives over the past year. I love seeing the ear-to-ear smiles on the faces of a two year old and an 80 year old sharing a sundae from the TP, or seeing bonds being formed through every activity at Camp.


What inspires you to give to Camp Arcadia?

The mission and the values that I have experienced first hand at Camp are what inspire me to pour back into a place that has given me so much. From four years on summer staff, to seeing the relationships formed between the teens I have the privilege to counsel every summer, to inter generational friendships I have formed on fall staff, Camp Arcadia truly has no limits on the bonds that be created on the shores of Lake Michigan. I know I am who I am today largely in part of the friendships I have created and skills I honed during my time at Camp. Seeing the large scale impact Camp has on the lives of so many people that I love (and the ones I’ll get to love for years to come) keeps me coming back year after year to serve and experience the bliss of an hour or a month at Camp.

Anything else?

If anyone has questions about how to serve at Camp, I’m always ready to talk about it! 🙂


You can learn more about serving at Camp Arcadia (including Summer Staff, Teen Retreat Counseling Staff and End of Season Staff) or supporting Camp Arcadia with a gift on our website.

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