Thank You, Thrivent Choice Donors!

We were recently notified that Thrivent Financial has recognized Camp Arcadia as one of the top ten recipients of Thrivent Choice Dollars for the year. Camp Arcadia received $14, 672 in Thrivent Choice Dollars designated in 2021. Since we began receiving Thrivent Choice Dollars in 2010, Camp Arcadia has received $182,900 in total- what an amazing impact these gifts have made on Camp’s ministry over the last decade! Thank you!

Thrivent Financial provides insurance, banking, financial advice and investment options. One of the unique features of this organization is their emphasis on offering opportunities for their clients to give back to their communities. Designation of Thrivent Choice Dollars is one of these charitable opportunities. To learn more about Thrivent’s offerings, click here.


I’m a Thrivent Financial client. How do I designate my Thrivent Choice Dollars to Camp Arcadia?

  1. Visit and log in to your Thrivent Financial account. (This will also show you whether or not you are eligible to designate Thrivent Choice Dollars.)
  2. If you’re eligible, use the organization search bar to search for Camp Arcadia.
  3. Select Camp Arcadia, PO Box 229, Arcadia, MI 49613 from the list and designate your Choice Dollars.

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