Formation of the LCA Panel Discussion

Recorded in the early 2000s, this panel discussion features former Lutheran Camp Association board members discussing the formation of the LCA. Panelists include former board members Tom Jass & Dick Blum; former presidents Paul Kunz, Frank Miller, & Bud Weber; and former camp director, Tom Droege & wife Esther, who played a key role in organizing the camp community to form the LCA in 1968.

Enjoy this fascinating panel discussion about out how the LCA was formed and the hard work of Arcadians who advocated for Camp’s future at this pivotal moment in Camp’s history:

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  1. In 1966, out of character for our family, we were traveling the week before we went to Camp. Unfortunately, the miracle of the cell phone had not yet appeared, so when we appeared at Camp, we were greeted with an empty parking lot and the manager telling us that Camp was closed. Fortunately, my mother was third cousin once removed to Heleh Uhlig, so we stayed three or four days at her cottage. We had planned to start a tradition of going to Camp on a triennial basis, but because of the 1966 debacle, we came back in 1967 and then back to our triennial rotation in 1969. I remember two striking memories. First, the toys under the window seat and second, the fish I caught and thought I’d take it home as a pet. It was no longer in the bucket the next morning. Either my father kindly threw it back into the lake or a neighborhood cat got it.

  2. The Kienman family has links to Camp Arcadia going back to the 1930’s, when Aunt Ruth attended the Walther League camp as a young teenager. Since then, a great number of other family members have enjoyed going to RKD. Some of us have been on staff, have attended family, teen, & confirmation, weeks, and worked opening & closing weekends. Our father, Henry, was very active with the Lutheran Layman’s League retreats starting in 1947, and took part in over fifty years of the LLL men’s retreat weekends. Dad also was one of the early Lutheran Camp Association board members. Forming the LCA was imperative in rescuing and guiding RKD through some tough years, helping make Camp what it is today. Four generations of Kienman’s, have been to camp, and hopes are that the next generation will also make Camp Arcadia a family vacation destination. God has blessed RKD, and will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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