Thank You Volunteers and Staff!

Thank you to the volunteers and staff that worked tirelessly to get Camp ready for the season. With our opening volunteer weekend cancelled we had a seemingly endless list of tasks to do to get Camp ready for the season. We could not have done it if weren’t for the hard work and dedication of many volunteers and staff. Here are pictures of some of the volunteers and staff.

Ryan McKenna bringing endless loads of sand to the lakefront.


Jake Mauntler, Ryan Eder, Avery Mullet and Trent Baty building a rock retention wall.


Kris Park and Jen Powell getting the craft kits ready for the season.


Chris May and Jason Gottschalk building a kayak launch.


Sandy Hodges, Shawnee Hasley and Nancy Berg helping put together our family week kit mailing.


Wes and Gina Kaufman for helping clean and organize the Trading Post and Housekeeping areas.


Wes Kaufman building the new TP take-out window.



Grace Pettinger painting the new take-out menu.


Zach and Jerry Powell for roofing and siding the Archery shed.


Art and Dot Hesskamp for fixing odds and ends around Camp.


Gene, Barb and Lisa Haak putting up the Wigwam posts.


Jason, Ashley, and Colleen Brasgalla drawing the “Traveling to Arcadia” map on the wall in the Inn’s North Stairwell.


David Wilkins helping cut down the brush on Camp’s property line along M-22.


Redeemer Lutheran Church of Interlochen’s Youth Group spent last week at Camp working very hard on landscaping projects. Thank you leaders Pastor Jason Bauer and Brad Burch and youth group members: Rachael & Rebekah Burch, Evan Haskin, Joshua and Jacob Barley, Micah and Elijah Bauer and Ellie Tiesworth.








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  1. Thank you all for your generous efforts and time. You are laying treasures up in heaven.

    God Bless You!

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