2020 RKD Challenge

With so many things in our lives being cancelled, we thought it would be good time to actually start something. So, this summer is the first summer of the RKD Challenge – a run, bike, and paddle tri-sport for the whole family.

RKD Challenge Reporting Form

Here is what you need to know about the 2020 RKD Challenge:

  • It is free. Be safe and have fun.
  • You can do it whenever you choose.
  • While the RKD Challenge is meant for those at Camp, we know not everyone can make it, so if you’d like to design your own course (with similar distances), go for it, report your times and order a t-shirt.
  • You can do just one leg of a race or as many as you would like.
  • All routes start and end at Camp Arcadia’s turnaround area. The starting/finishing spot is the tree in the center of the turnaround.
  • You have the opportunity to self-report your times for each leg if you do them individually. When recording these times start and end your time at Camp Arcadia’s turnaround at the tree in the center of the turnaround.
  • If you want to do it as a tri, then you can report your time for each leg and your overall time. For the tri-courses, do them in the following order: Run, Bike, Paddle. For your overall time, take your time from when you start the run all the way until you end the paddle. In other words, include your transition time.
  • You can use a kayak or a stand-up-paddle board for the paddle portion. You must wear a life jacket.
  • Please obey all road laws when running and biking.

You will have the opportunity to purchase a RKD Challenge t-shirt ($25) and it will be mailed to you at the end of the summer.

Everyone that completes any portion of any of the courses and reports their time via the online RKD Challenge Reporting Form will receive a free ice cream cone at Camp Arcadia. You can compete as often as you would like, but you will only get one ice cream cone coupon. 🙂

The top times for each of the legs and the tri-courses will receive 50% off their t-shirt.

There are no age categories.

Once you complete the RKD challenge, either one or more legs of a course or a tri, please go to this form to register your times and to order a t-shirt.

RKD Challenge Reporting Form

There are three different levels of difficulty:


The Family Course

2 mile run – 2x around the cottage colony. You will do the loop around the cottages twice and then return to Camp’s turnaround.

8 mile bike ride – 2x around a course through town. Start at Camp’s turnaround; turn left at Forestview Drive and do the cottage loop and return to Oak St. Turn left and go to 4th street, turn right onto State St., turn left onto 3rd St., turn right onto Grebe St., turn right onto 1st St., turn left onto Lake St., turn left onto Starkey Rd, go to the end of the road and turnaround and return to Lake St., turn left onto Spruce St. and then back to the cottage loop to repeat the loop.

1 mile paddle -1x to Weiherman Beach and back.


The Adventure Course

3 mile run – 1x around a course through town. Leave from Camp’s turnaround, go to 3rd St. and turn right. Then head to Pine St. and turn right and then right onto 1st St.. Then left onto Lake St., and then left onto Starkey Rd. Go to the end of the road and turnaround and return to Lake St and cross it and turn left onto Spruce St., and then left onto Oak St and back to Camp’s turnaround.

20 mile bike ride – 1x around a course that goes out of town and takes you around Bear Lake and back to Camp via M-22. Relatively flat. Take Oak St. across M-22 until 7th Street and turn right. Then turn left onto Glover’s Lake Rd. Go 1.43 miles and turn right onto Gilbert Rd.  This road changes names like 5 times but you don’t turn off of it for a few miles until you turn right onto Butwell Rd. Then turn left onto Lakeside Ave. Go along the east side of Bear Lake until you come to US-31 and turn right. This will take you through downtown Bear Lake and then you will turn right onto S. Shore Dr. Then turn right on Milarch Rd. and take that till 13 Mile Rd. and turn left. Take this a few miles to M-22 and turn right. Take M-22 back to Oak St. and turn left and take Oak St. back to Camp’s turnaround.

2 mile paddle – 1x to the beginning of channel into Lake Arcadia. Turnaround once you reach the first set of rocks. Do not cross the channel.


The Bluff Course

4 mile run – down Oak St. to M-22 and go left or north and run up the road to Inspiration Point at the top of the North Bluff and back to Camp.

20 mile bike ride – 1x around a course that goes out of town and goes north taking you around Upper Herring Lake and back to Camp via M-22 and up the north side of the North Bluff. It’s hilly. Leave from Camp’s turnaround and go east on Oak St. Cross M-22 until you hit 7th Street and turn right. Turn left onto Glover’s Lake Rd. Go about four miles till you get to Keillor Rd. and turn left. Go 1.73 and turn right onto Taylor Rd. and just a few hundred feet ahead turn left onto Putney Rd. You will then take this road across Joyfield Rd. (past Blaine Christian Church) and you will then go down a steep downhill. At the bottom of the hill the road will wind towards the west and then you will go a slight hill as you wind to the north or the right. Then it is downhill till you turn left onto Herron Rd. Now you will ride along the banks of the Upper Herron Lake until you come to M-22 and then turn left or south. Take M-22 for about 7 miles. This is the hilly portion with some very challenging inclines and declines. Be careful on the descent into Arcadia. Take M-22 to Oak St. and turn right as it takes you back to Camp’s turnaround.

3.5 mile paddle – 2x to the beginning of the channel into Lake Arcadia. Turnaround once you reach the first set of rocks. Do not cross the channel. Do this twice.

17 Responses

    1. It was not intended to be done virtually, but I say, why not? If you want to do similar distances of any of the legs, and report them, you and others who can’t be at Camp this summer can be a part of the RKD challenge.

  1. i always understood the cottage colony loop was .7 miles so it takes 3 x’s around to make 2 miles. If I am wrong great because it improves my bragging rights for walking Charlie 3 times a day. Nancy b

    1. Hi Nancy, I think leaving and returning to the camp turnaround equates to the full 2 miles as you head out of the colony to/from the main camp entrance.

  2. I tend to agree with the .7 miles, unless your loop includes walking out to oak street or you walk to the end of both dead ends. Just another fun thing to do at RKD. I think when you walk the loop you should have to sing Over Hill and Shout out ARCADIA to get credit. #mytwocents Hope to be there soon.

  3. I did the Adventure Course and it was beautiful! This is a great idea. Chip, I had to do the run through town almost 2X (instead of one)… maybe I did something wrong but I wanted to make sure I got to 3 miles. Like you said, you rounded up a bit. I opted to go the full distance according to my Garmin watch. Thanks for organizing this!!

    1. The google map has it at 3 miles with just one time through the course. Not what went wrong with your route.

  4. I’m going to see if I can create my own routes around me. But if it’s still going and fall retreats are a go, I’ll get to do it then at camp!

  5. Adventure Course was beautiful! Plan on doing it again before we leave.Super idea for a cool new Camp activity.

  6. Our whole family did it (ages 7-45) and loved it! Great idea I hope continues in non-Covid years!

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