Summer Staff Highlight – Aislin Woell

Aislin enjoying some time with the kids!

We took a few minutes to talk with Aislin Woell, a returning summer staff member for 2016.  She is a student at St. Louis University studying Communication Sciences and will be serving as the Assistant Program Director.  Here’s what she had to say about her time at Camp Arcadia and about the upcoming summer:


How did you come to be a staff member at Camp Arcadia?  

I became a staff member in the summer of 2014.  I served on program staff.  I have wanted to work on summer staff since I was a little girl and the opportunity to do so was a dream come true for me. My parents both worked on summer staff at Camp so I grew up hearing stories of their time on staff and wanted to be able to make those same kinds of stories for myself.


What has been an impactful moment for you while serving on staff?

A moment that impacted me at Camp Arcadia was during this past summer’s Omega Teen Week.  During the week, I struggled to connect with one particular camper but after Vespers one night, she let me pray with her.  That moment is probably one of the most important moments to me because I felt God so strongly through that opportunity and I knew that moment was a turning point for my relationship with that camper.


How have you seen God at work during your time at Camp Arcadia?

I see God at work in almost every activity that I lead or participate in at Camp, but  where I see God most strongly at work is during the evening activities.  Whether it is the square dance, talent show, or during the closing family worship service, I see God working to bring families closer together.  These activities are centered around family interaction and  help families to be rooted in the Lord. 


What are you most looking forward to as you return to RKD this summer?

I’m looking forward to seeing the friends that have become family, whether they are fellow staff members or Camp Arcadia families.  I am excited to see all the kids and families I have come to know and love over the years.  I  am happy to have the opportunity to continue to serve and to lead this summer at Camp.


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