Spotlight: Winter Ministry Interns

Camp Arcadia has been committed over the past few years to developing and improving seasonal internship experiences and opportunities. This winter, we have three ministry interns working and learning with us as we prepare for the upcoming season. We’re so thankful for their willing hands, servant hearts and all the gifts and talents they bring with them to bless the Camp community. We wanted to introduce them to you (though you may recognize one or two) – join us in thanking God for their service to Camp!

Applications are open now for internship opportunities during the summer season, as well as into this coming fall and winter. Do you know someone who might benefit from the opportunity to serve and learn at Camp Arcadia? Invite them to learn more and apply!

Caleb Hoppe

Hometown: Blue Island, IL
Connection to RKD: After working for another NLOMA camp (Walcamp) in 2020, their executive director recommended that Caleb check out Camp Arcadia’s fall staff opportunities. Caleb worked on End of Season staff in 2020 and returned to Camp Arcadia the next spring for the full 2021 season. He’s been serving ever since!
Strangest Food He Enjoys: Alligator
Bio: Caleb is the son of Carl and Tammy and has one older brother, Simeon. He loves music and has played several instruments since grade school, his main instrument being the tuba. He was active in community service groups throughout high school, as well. He attended Concordia University Wisconsin, where he studied Lay Ministry and Theology (now called Director of Church Ministries) and minored in music. He was very active in band and campus ministry, and started serving on the staff at Walcamp after his junior year.
Favorite Thing About Camp: Caleb loves getting to work in a Christian environment.


Clorissa (Cloe) Smith

Hometown: Napoleon, OH
Connection to RKD: Cloe heard about Camp Arcadia as she was researching internship opportunities while at Concordia University Ann Arbor. After talking with Jess, she signed on to serve at Camp through the end of October 2022 as an intern.
Strangest Food She Enjoys: Microwaved Tostitos Pizzas (The microwaved part is very important!)
Bio: Cloe is in her final year at Concordia University Ann Arbor where she is studying Family Life Ministry with a minor in Youth Ministry. Cloe’s parents are Leigh Ann and Russ and she has three siblings (Jonny, Missy and Trevor), two soon-to-be sisters-in-law (Taylor and Jaydan), four dogs and two goats. She enjoys playing tennis and is very involved with her school eSports team (Rocket League).
Favorite Thing About Camp: Cloe loves creating relationships with the members of the Camp community – whether staff or guests – and is looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible this summer!


Rachel “Hailey” Crowe

Hometown: Wheaton, IL
Connection to RKD: Rachel attended Camp Arcadia with her family several times after hearing about it at church.
Strangest Food She Enjoys: Shrimp & Bacon Tacos
Bio: Rachel graduated from Gettysburg College, where she studied English and German, and plans to attend graduate school in the fall to earn her MFA in Fiction. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. She is the daughter of John and Sandy, and has 4 siblings (Ben, Nate, Sarah and Aaron) along with 2 in-laws (Samantha & Caleb), a niece (Lucia) and a dog (Wrigley).
Favorite Thing About Camp: She loves the Camp community, sunsets, and countless opportunities for quiet reflection.
Fun Fact: Since Rachel often answers the phone for Camp, this caused some confusion at first (“Hi, this is Rachel… No, not that Rachel…”) – so, Rachel now answers the phones as “Hailey.” If you’ve ever spoken with Hailey on the phone, it was actually Rachel Crowe.

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