Spirit of Arcadia: Building for the Future

Letter from Camp Arcadia Executive Director Chip May:

Campers, LCA members, cottagers and all who hold Camp Arcadia close to their hearts:

I am excited to present to you, the Spirit of Arcadia: Building for the Future.

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For 94 years, Camp Arcadia has provided all who visit with invaluable and immeasurable memories and experiences. For some of you, Camp represents a place where generations of your family have retreated, recharged and reconnected. For others, Camp holds a special place in your heart as the place where you met, fell in love and perhaps even married your spouse, your other half and partner for life. Everyone who has spent a week at Camp Arcadia – even a day – knows how impactful this beautiful, serene, place of respite can be on someone’s life.

Without Camp Arcadia, where would you turn to for a summer getaway that offers the spiritual connection, the delicious food, the stunning sunsets and the unbeatable fellowship?

We want Camp Arcadia to continue to provide all of these things for years and years to come. To do that, we must build for the future; we must adapt to satisfy the needs of our guests; we must renovate to ensure the stability of our buildings, and we must expand to accommodate the growing need for Camp.

The Spirit of Arcadia campaign is the strategy we’ve developed collectively with the help and feedback from campers, experts and industry professionals. Based off the feasibility study we conducted last year, we revised our original plan in a way that would most effectively prepare Camp Arcadia for the future.

In short, the Spirit of Arcadia is separated into two phases. The first, Securing the Future, focuses on preserving the beach, improving existing kitchen and laundry facilities, enclosing the Inn stairs and adding maintenance storage. The second phase, Growing the Community, is the Inn expansion, which includes a new turnaround and parking lot, the addition of an elevator, 10 new rooms, and a third floor observation room. For full details on all components of the campaign, please visit the Spirit of Arcadia landing page by clicking the link below.

Learn more about the Spirit of Arcadia campaignJ:Active Projects2014201418 Camp Arcadia - Inn Expansion2014

As an LCA member, we need your vote of support in November. In order for the campaign to move forward, we need a two-thirds vote of support from LCA Members represented at the Annual Membership Meeting. If you have any questions about why you should vote YES, please send me an email at chip@camp-arcadia.com or call me at (231) 889-4361.

Thank you,

Chip May

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