Spirit of Arcadia Building Projects Update

We will be breaking ground in the next month on the Inn East addition for the expansion of the kitchen and laundry areas. This provides additional storage for the kitchen, larger bathrooms and changing area for the staff, additional staff dining space, and industrial washing machines in the laundry area. The Inn North Stairs enclosure project will also start soon. Since there will be construction equipment on the patio throughout the off-season, the patio will be replaced in the spring. Here is a video of caretaker, Franco Marano, giving an update. 

The Camp barn, which provides much needed storage, was completed this fall. Watch this video of caretaker, Joe Frederick, talking about the construction of the new camp barn.

The mezzanine level that was added to increase storage.
40′ x 104′ Barn shell that includes 40′ x 40′ insulated space and 40′ x 64′ cold storage.


Click here to learn more about the Spirit of Arcadia Campaign.

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