Shoreline Erosion Crisis in Pictures

Camp Arcadia’s shoreline is eroding faster that anticipated and our buildings could be in jeopardy. Below are videos and pictures taken this month – August, 2017. We have seen around 15 feet of beach erode in this time period. Click here to learn about the beach erosion crisis and what actions Camp Arcadia is taking.


Waves on August 22, 2017 in front of the playground. The orange cone is where the merry-go-round was located.


The steel sheet pile in front of the playground and patio is failing.
The foot wash station deck is being undercut by waves. In June there was sand and dune grass at the end of the ramp.
The end of the foot wash station’s ramp had sand and dune grass almost to the top of the observation deck at the beginning of the summer.
The boat launch area has lost 15 feet of beach since June. The boats are now next to the sidewalk and tied to a tree so they do not wash away in a storm.
The existing wooden sea walls and groins/jetties continue to fall apart.
We have lost around 10 feet of sand west of the playground.
Both slides had to be removed because they became unsafe due to the beach erosion.
This a picture of the small slide the day before it was taken out.
A cement seawall is exposed for the first time in 30 years.
The merry-go-round had to be removed because of encroaching waters.


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  1. All I can say is best described by an emoji :😰
    Are lakeshore properties south of the new, deeper entrance/stone jetty into the lake having the same erosion ?
    Agree, we need to do something NOW.

  2. Prayers are with RKD and God to stop all frontage erosion, that all will be saved. God knows that RKD is a place to bring his word to Christians and families all over the USA for many, many years. God is great and he is present everyday at RKD. Amen

  3. Now that RKD is a National Historic Site, is there any way that designation will get us some help in preserving it?

    1. I am just about to send that info on to the State Historic Preservation Office to remind them of our status. Maybe it will help the permit to be approved faster.

  4. It is necessary to take action NOW, I approve of the Boards action to whatever is necessary to reestablish our lake front

  5. I remember when the lake waves were washing up against the concrete observation deck in front of the Inn some thirty years ago. The water level was so high that over spray from large waves would splash against the west side of the Assembly Building. There were fears that the Assembly building would be damaged by erosion. Tons of broken concrete was dumped between the sidewalk & lake in order to save the building from lake damage. Lets hope that a solution for out current problems comes about soon.

  6. I can remember when I was about 10 years old, there was a bad storm in the middle of the night and my father was out there with the other men filling sandbags and stacking them by the sidewalk. Lake water was up to the sidewalk!
    Preserving RKD heritage should be a priority.

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