New Shoreline Protection Installed

With Lake Michigan at record levels, Camp Arcadia continues to invest in shoreline protection to make sure our building and grounds are safe. This spring as we took a look at how our shoreline held through the winter we noticed that our most southern section of our beach was vulnerable. This is the area just south of the rock revetment and before you arrive at the public beach and Lake Street road end. This area was eroding and there was concern that it would challenge the Chapel on the Beach. 

We worked with our coastal engineers to find a solution and last week we installed around $30,000 worth of large rocks to protect this area. We also continued to reinforce the areas behind the rock revetment in front of the Inn with smaller rocks to prevent washout. 

“With the lake cresting this summer at historical levels, I am so thankful that we have taken measures to protect the Chapel on the Beach and the rest of our property. The Camp Arcadia family’s generosity over the past few years has literally saved Camp Arcadia from falling into Lake Michigan” said Chip May, executive director.

Check out these pictures of Camp’s shoreline taken before and after the project.


Before: The erosion on the south beach, looking south.


After: The new rock revetment looking to the south.


After: The new rock revetment looking to the north.


After: A shot of the increased beach behind the rocks looking to the north.


Sunset Beach survived the winter!


New smaller rocks behind the rock revetment.


New sand area in front of the Inn after filling in the small pocket beach last fall.

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