Family Retreat Lite Availability as June 16, 2020

We still have room in many of our family weeks for the summer. Everyone that sent in a registration by June 5 is registered and will receive a confirmation email by the end of the week. 

Below is our availability in the Family Retreat Lite weeks and what spaces are available. As you look through this list remember that there are no surcharges for private bathrooms or cottages. A hallway bathroom means that you are in a traditional Inn room but you will have designated a public restroom for private use. Some families have decided to share a public restroom with other families/relatives. 

Also, for FRL weeks 1 and 6 there is no space available onsite or offsite – we have maxed out at 100 people. For FRL weeks 4 & 5, we have no onsite lodging available but we do have space for off-site guests to take meals and activities at Camp.

Family Retreat Lite Availability as of June 16, 2020

FRL 1: June 27 – July 3 with Brad Hubbard: No Space Available

FRL 2: July 4 – 10 with John & Monique Nunes: Two private bath rooms, Two Hallway Bath rooms on the second floor and Aspen Cottage.

FRL 3: July 11 – 17 with Scott Giger: Two private bath rooms on first floor, two private bath rooms on the second floor, one hallway bath room on second floor and Juniper cottage.

FRL 4: July 18 – 24 with Matt Popovits: No Onsite Lodging Available

FRL 5: July 25 – 31 with Chad Foster: No Onsite Lodging Available

FRL 6: August 1 – 7 with Michael Ziegler: No Space Available

FRL 7: August 8 – 14 with Ryan Tinetti: One private bath room on first floor.

FRL 8: August 15 – 21 with Gabe Kasper & Tanner Olson: Two hallway bath rooms on first floor, two hallway bath rooms on second floor, Aspen and Birch cottages.

FRL 9: August 22 – 28 with Chad Bird: One private bath room on first floor, one hallway bath room on the second floor, Cedar, Birch and Juniper cottages.

Labor Day Family Weekend: September 4 – 7 with Brian West: Aspen and Spruce cottages.

Click here to learn more about Family Retreat Lite.

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  1. We have requested the Birch Cottage for week 8 and we got an email saying we were accepted but this said that the Birch is still available, so do we have the cottage?

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