New Seasonal Summer Program Director

One of Stephanie’s Official Summer Staff Photos

Camp Arcadia is excited to announce that Stephanie Jass will serve as Camp’s seasonal Summer Program Director. Stephanie is a longtime Omega Teen Week counselor, former summer staffer, and author of Camp’s new book, Days Filled with Sunshine: One Hundred Years of Camp Arcadia.

“Stephanie, as the Summer Program Director, brings a life-time of experience to this role. Her creativity, devotion to Camp’s ministry, and her ability to motivate, mentor and lead young people will be some of her biggest assets,” remarked Chip May, Executive Director.

The Summer Program Director will serve from staff training at the end of May through Labor Day Family Weekend. Stephanie will also do some work during the off-season to prepare for the upcoming summer. 


Creation of the Position

A few years ago when Jess McCallum Knoll’s responsibilities grew to include more overall operational duties, her role shifted from Program Director to Assistant Director. At that point, we determined the need for a Summer Program Director so that it would relieve Jess of some responsibility and expand our program leadership. 

Initially, we imagined that the position would be filled with a third or fourth year program staff member who was graduating from college. Despite an effort to find the right candidate, we have not, until now, filled the role. Jess has continued to lead the program in addition to her expanded operational responsibilities. Hiring Stephanie in this role not only accomplishes this position’s original intent, but because she could return year after year to this role, it gives the opportunity for consistent leadership to Camp’s programs. 


Stephanie and her Omega Teen Retreat Group in 2022

Looking Forward

Jess Knoll remarked about working with Steph, “I am excited for the opportunity to work with Steph and to have her leadership as an additional asset to the program team! Her creativity and leadership will have a positive impact on Camp’s staff and programs.”

“I have always cherished the summers I served on RKD staff, and I am so excited to serve again in that capacity! I look forward to working with the summer staffers to create fun and meaningful programs for our guests.” commented Stephanie about joining the staff. 

Please join us in warmly welcoming Stephanie to this new role at Camp. 

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  1. I wish Stephanie the best for the summer. RKD means alot to me and the best place to vacation. Wish I can come back soon. Blessings for another GREAT summer to all.

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