Learning to Lean on the Lord

Shawnee Haseley first became connected with Camp Arcadia through attending a Teen Retreat in high school.  In 2019 she served her first summer on staff as a member of the program department and returned for a second season, originally hired as a member of the program team with an event planning internship.  While her internship continued with the shift of Camp’s 2020 season to the Family Retreat Lite model, Shawnee joined the collaborative staff team in rotating between departments including kitchen, office and program. 

As Shawnee reflected on her summer, she shared, “I left Camp feeling so refreshed.  I experienced growth in the areas of professional development, spiritually, emotionally and even just the person I am.”

As a self-sufficient and independent worker,  Shawnee’s learnings followed a theme of dependence, both spiritually and professionally.  This summer, “I ultimately learned a lot about dependence: how to place everything at the Lord’s feet and surrender that to Him.  And learning that He is going to make everything so beautiful in His timing and in His own ways.  Ultimately, this comes from trusting and depending on God.”

Within the workplace, Shawnee reflected, “I learned about how to depend on my fellow staff members.  For me, I needed a lot of encouragement some days; some days were just so crazy and I felt like I was running around all over.  My fellow staff members were encouraging me and picking me up.  I learned to depend on them also as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

“Ultimately I walked away from this summer with such beautiful knowledge of the Lord and who He is, but also just with practical things that I can apply to daily life.”

Will you consider joining us for a summer of learning and growing? 

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