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From left: Steve and Shirley Rauh, Kris and Alicia Rauh, Tom Neely and Kori Rauh (back right) Katy & Jeff Schmitt with Rudy (front right) and Katy and Jeff’s daughter Audra (front left).

“Each year our family vacations at Camp Arcadia get better and better. The annual spiritual feeding and ‘turning off’ are a must. This past year (2013) we were able to also visit Disney World with our 7 and 4 year old in the fall. My husband and I had the opportunity with a long weekend and felt the obligatory American parent pressure to do it once. We had no idea the children would feel the same way about Camp Arcadia that we did.

By December this is what our 7 year old son, Rudy, had to say:

‘I had fun at Disney World and all but I think Camp Arcadia is better. First of all you get bunk beds. Disney didn’t have that. At Disney World all you do really is walk around, see a show, go on a ride and walk around again. It’s cool but at Camp Arcadia you can do something all the time. You’re active. You can play ga-ga ball, soccer, swim, craft, baseball, ride bikes, hike, kayak. It’s soooo fun. Yeah, I think Camp Arcadia is better. Let’s go back there.’

Let’s just say we’re thrilled and couldn’t agree more. Thanks, Camp Arcadia staff for preserving the camp and for continuing a great legacy of spiritual growth and family connection.

As a parent of young children, I love how there’s no discussion/preparation/cleaning up of meals. It’s the treat that makes it a real vacation to me.”

– Katy Schmitt, family week camper for 15+ years.

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