Former Camp Leader Passes

E.O. “Bud” Weber
Oct. 29, 1923 – Jan. 15, 2013

On January 15, 2013, E.O. “Bud” Weber passed away at Woodward Hills Nursing Home in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  Bud was a longtime member of the Lutheran Camp Association (LCA) who demonstrated great devotion to and willingness to work for Camp Arcadia.  He is survived by his wife, Pearl, his children Karl and Carol, daughter-in-law Dawn, grandchildren Kristine, Rick and Emma, and nieces and nephews David Wilkins, Lisbeth Ewald, Lisa Weber, John Weber and Tom Weber.  Bud was born on October 29, 1923.

David Wilkins is Bud’s nephew and godson.  David noted that Bud first came to Arcadia in the late 1950s at the urging of David’s mother, Greta Wilkins.

A tee shirt from the ‘Painters Quality Circle,’ circa 1973 (courtesy of the Arcadia Archives).

Eventually, the Weber’s purchased a home in the Arcadia Cottage Colony.  “Bud fell in love with the place, and after the LCA purchased it [in 1969], he headed up the painting of about 8-10 rooms in the Inn on the first Memorial Day work weekend in 1969. He formed the ‘Painters Quality Circle’ (he even had tee shirts made for the group) which was something he took charge of every Memorial Day Work Weekend until at least 1989.”

Bud began a nineteen year tenure on the LCA Board shortly after the LCA purchased the camp from the Walther League, serving as vice president of the LCA Board from 1970 – 1978 and was president from 1979 – 1989.  With the help of fellow Arcadia Cottage Colony Association member Miles Gerberding, Bud worked tirelessly to attain 501(c)3 tax-exempt status for the LCA.  This tax-exempt status continues today.

Barbara Unger, who was Camp Manager during Bud’s years on the LCA Board of Directors, noted that he was “a great mentor, strong supporter, kind encourager, available advisor, loyal friend and an inspiration to those who knew him well.”  She also noted that Bud was “an honorable man willing to take a stand, despite criticism, for what he believed  was right, true, or best.”

Bud Weber with his granddaughter Kristine Weber and Ryan McKenna as part of the Arcadia Daze Parade, 2012.

The leadership and vision that Bud Weber provided was critical to the LCA. “Camp Arcadia is very fortunate to have had a leader like Bud Weber, who gave countless hours to better this ministry and helped make RKD an even better place to vacation with God.  On behalf of the LCA Board of Directors we will truly miss him, but know that his decades of service have inspired and will continue to inspire generations of dedicated Arcadians.”, Kathy Allen, current LCA President.

Through his many years of service to Camp Arcadia, he did much of the staff hiring, was a teen week counselor, helped establish the current water system at Camp, participated in practically every sport, played the role of King Neptune at least once, and often dressed up for ‘Fiesta Day’ at Camp.  Though he was known to love all camp activities, he especially appreciated lectures, tennis and tot treats with his grandchildren.

Learn additional information about Bud Weber here.

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