Why Golf & the Gospel?

On the links during the 2011 Golf & the Gospel Retreat

Based on Ecclesiastes 3
RKD Style, by Michael Boice

A time to EXPLORE what Northern Michigan has to offer,
A time to PLAY beautiful golf courses,
A time to BREAK daily routines,
A time to LISTEN to the Gospel,
A time to WATCH waves and sunsets on the lake,
A time to SHARE with other Christians,
A time to SWEETEN yourself up with a great ice cream treat,
A time to MEDITATE AND THANK how much GOD loves and wants the best for you,
A time to TAKE side trips to different places around the area,
A time to EAT awesome, healthy meals as a group,
Lastly, a time to REST from fun-filled days in God’s creation
So come and spend a week of fun, out of the fast paced life we live in and BE BLESSED.

Michael Boice is an LCA member who regularly attends Golf & the Gospel Retreat. Michael generally chooses not to golf during the retreat, but returns each to enjoy the rich community.

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