Family Retreat Lite: Updated Rates, Dean’s Schedule & Q & A

Last week we rolled out our new summer retreat schedule, Family Retreat Lite. I know many of you are trying to figure out if this is a good fit for you and your family. I want to encourage you to consider it, even if you were not registered for Camp this season. While this will be a different experience for us all, I am confident it will still be an experience that is filled with rest and renewal. Surrounded by other believers and immersed in God’s creation, this will be a summer to remember!

We we have updated our Family Retreat Lite information on our website with the following information:

Updated Rates: Based on feedback and our own analysis we have decided to change the new rates back to our old rate system. So instead of the per space rates we had proposed, which overcharged singles and couples, we are going back to the per person based on age. The new rates are the same rates we had proposed for our 2020 season six-day family retreats. The one change is that we are not charging any surcharges for cottages and private bathrooms. Thank you for your patience as we find the most affordable rate system for you and one that is financially viable for Camp. 

Dean’s Schedule: Find out who is going to be teaching and preaching this summer at Camp. We will have one dean per week, and they will give a one hour presentation each day, Monday – Thursday. We still plan to provide a virtual dean’s program, more details on that to be available in the coming weeks.

Answers to Your Questions: We took many of the questions and answers we covered at our Town Hall meeting last week and put them on the Family Retreat Info page.

Later this week we will be releasing a draft of the program schedule.

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